Monday, October 31, 2016

What I Learned in October

October is closing tonight. It has been a full month, but a good one.
 There was some travel, some deeper friendships formed, good conversations, new foods tried and another half marathon in the books.
 So what did I learn this month? Here are a few of the random things I learned...

 1. Elephants travel to a destination when they are ready to die.
    How did I not know this?? It's really kind of fascinating to me. An elephant knows when it is going to die and it prepares by taking a journey to a destination (how does it know where to go? That I don't know.) Is it a myth that I'm believing or is this really true and I just missed it all these years? I think it's cool.

 2. This is Us
  My new favorite TV show. I won't try to recap the show for you. If you are so inclined, google it. But I will tell you, it's worth the watch. To me, it's real. And I am all about real. It's beautiful. And it makes me cry - a good cry- because often times I can relate to some type of story they are sharing in an episode. Good job, NBC.

 3. Coloring is Soothing
  So, I read where coloring can help ease anxiety. This sounds childish and crazy, but I am here to tell you, it is true. I always loved coloring as a child; always enjoyed it with my kids as toddlers. But as they have grown, it's been a while since we have colored. Well, when I read that, I decided why not give it a try? And low and behold... there is truth in it. Coloring is soothing. It may not make the anxiety disappear and it may not be accessible for use any time I am battling it, but I will take it when I can get it. Plus, I get pretty pictures out of it ;)

4. RunLites
  For all my running friends, this is my new discovery and it is awesome! I don't like to hold things when I run and I don't like bulky things on my side, hands, or head. So, this is a very cool item to have. I promote it 100%. They are little gloves that slip on and have l.e.d .lights that slide right in. It's like having headlights on my hands. I don't feel them, but they sure light my way! They aren't bulky or sweaty; they just are there. They charge with a USB cord and come with a one year warranty. I own the "sling" which means it fits over my fingers, but when it gets colder out, it'll slip easily over my gloves. Safety 101! I highly suggest this if you run in the dark. (And as you know, I do.)
 Check out their website Here


 5. Steel Making
  When in Bethlehem, PA, I learned a lot about the history of our nation and steel making. Bethlehem was especially known for doing this during WWII. Looking at the statues across the city, seeing the old steel "mills" (for lack of a better word) and reading the various history plaques around the city was very interesting.

 Tomorrow we enter November. Thanksgiving- my favorite holiday. I look forward to a new month, one day at a time. Happy Fall, Ya'll.

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