Thursday, June 2, 2016

What I learned in May

June 2! The days on the calendar are passing quickly. I cannot believe how time just marches on. The kids are growing, I am learning, and life moves faster and faster, no matter how much I try to slow down.
 I love these monthly posts of "what I learned" each month. I skipped April, so I needed to take time to write about May. It forces me to slow down and recapture life a little.

1. I remember more Algebra than I thought!
    - I began my schooling again in May. This has been a lifetime goal, which I once completely disregarded but have rediscovered and am finally pursuing. One class is Algebra 1. I have never been good at math, but I am remembering it a little better than I thought I might. I am rusty, no doubt, but it's not quite as hateful as I thought it might be. The English class, on the other hand, is all writing! I love it, but I have not been critiqued for a very long time on my writing, so this is a very good experience for me.

 2. I do not like to run in hail, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!
   - So the Cleveland race, as I wrote about it in mid- May, was not at all what I expected it to be. I did not anticipate a good finish time, or even a memorable race. However, the snow, hail, rain, sleet and wind that I faced in that race has left a lifetime memory for me. I left that race numb, but completely  happy. I felt like running through all of that mess left me with a significant lesson that I can do it! I can run faster than I think. I can push through walls. I can keep going. And no matter who or what obstacle may be in my way- whether it's running or life's path- I can do it. yes, it'll be a struggle. But I can do it. I loved that race simply because of the absolutely ridiculous weather.

3. I love TRX!
   - I am now 2 months into this class. I still am really bad at it,  the worst in the class really. And I know it. But it doesn't stop me. I am growing stronger. Even if I cannot see it, I can feel it. And as corny as this may seem to many, accomplishing new workouts in the class is also strengthening me emotionally. It's much like running- determination and mind come down to a lot of it. For sure I am experiencing moments in this class that I feel completely stupid, but all in all, it's growing me- physically, yes, which is a large part of the goal. But little may the others know it, it's also strengthening me inwardly as a person and spiritually. God does that....when I let Him. Eventually I may be as good as the others in the class, but it's not really a comparison game. It's an individual game, with cheerleaders next to me. I love those people already!

If ONLY I looked this good doing TRX. One day.... I am determined. But today is not yet that day. 

 4. I have a Freshman in high school now!
   - What is happening!?! My daughter is now moving on to high school. I am determined to savor moments with her. In April, we went to a mother/daughter tea, and had a very enjoyable time together. She's growing up so fast.

 5. New Bands:
    - So, I am super bad at knowing the current....or older... bands. Pretty much I don't know bands at all. Well, It has become a game almost now in the office to ask me what band is playing. I next -to -never know! But I am learning little by little. I got totally schooled on Prince after he died. And I have learned about a band called Crosby, Stills, Nash,  and Young. (Don't ask me to tell you their songs.... ) It's interesting to me to learn all of these, though. Those are just a couple of examples. I enjoy culture.

6. Tattoos:
  - OK, I actually got this in April, but since I didn't write in April what I learned, I am sharing it now. I suppose I will embrace the idea that I really like tattoos. For me, they tell a part of my story. I see them and remember and they serve as a visual for what God has done and is doing in my life. We actually scheduled the tattoos back in October, but our guy was that booked up. So, I had an idea at that time what I wanted, but as time went along, it became very clear to me what I needed to remember:

 So, the palm tree represents different areas of life for me. One, I love the tropics. My heart beats happier there. and my years lived in the tropics were some of my best. So it reminds me of a happy place. But that being said, did you know that a palm tree is made to bend in storms, and not break? It's rare that they break (it happens, but not too often.) They also represent triumph. In the Bible, the people waved palm fronds when Jesus came in on the donkey. In essence, as I see that, I remember to be strengthened through my storms. To bend but not break. To rejoice in my victories and come out stronger. For a girl who battles depression, this is something important to hold on to.
  The word on the tattoo is Creeré. I love speaking Spanish (that is what I am aiming to get my degree in now). This word is placed in the tattoo for a variety of reasons. One, it means "I will believe" which is significant. Two, it blends my love of Spanish. and Three, I wrote a blog on it here, which will spare me from writing it all over again. But Colombia was a very important marker in time for me and I don't want to forget it.
 So, that is what my tattoo means.

     May flew by in the blink of an eye. But... I have no doubt June has good things to bring my way. One day at a time.

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