Thursday, June 30, 2016

My Furiously Happy Day

Back in February I read a book called Furiously Happy. If you can handle a little bit of cursing, the book puts a spectacularly funny spin on depression. I could relate to so many of the author's examples. The title is one I use often when I talk about what I want to share today.

 In my last blog, I shared how I have struggled the last few months. Well, in the midst of the struggle days, there are also furiously happy days. Because I experience the tough ones with the battle of depression, I appreciate the good days all the more so. When I do, those days make me furiously happy and I hang on to those moments with all I have. Those moments remind me I am not completely crazy and life is going to be okay. Today was one of my Furiously Happy days.

 I had the day off work because I was taking Elizabeth to The Lion King musical. We bought her these tickets as her Christmas gift, so we have been planning this for a long time. Thus, I took the day off to enjoy the time with her.
  I could have slept in and skipped my workout, but I really enjoy my TRX class/group and today was Bri's last day, and I didn't want to miss that. Plus, I knew with it being Bri's last day that Steck would have some sort of crazy workout planned. I have a love/hate relationship with those workouts, but in the end, it's always love.
 So I got up and went to class.
 Steck did not disappoint. We did a burpee insanity and it lived up to its name. I've never liked burpees, but that's probably because they are so hard. Hard is good when it comes to working out. Sometimes I just need a little motivation. I must tell you, Bri often provided that for me in class. She is ridiculously good at the exercises. She made it all look easy and Tami and I could only laugh at how graceful she made wall burpees look today. She motivates me to become stronger and better. She's a lot of fun.
   I was furiously happy I went to that class and that I got to say "goodbye" to Bri. Here's a photo of us after class, Bri is in the front, Tami is behind her, me, Steck in the hat and George, the famously happy YMCA friend I'm always glad to see.

 Then I got crazy and since I felt all motivated and had the day off, I added a 2 mile run to that. That was sort of crazy, but I felt so good when I completed.

 When that was all said and done and I enjoyed cooking breakfast alongside my son, I got ready to go run a few errands. My son joined me and he wanted to take me out to Starbucks, his treat with his hard-earned lawn mowing money. We shared great conversation and it became another furiously happy moment in my book.

 Following that, Elizabeth and I left to go to our play. We enjoyed lunch together at the Wheat Penny and had the most adult conversations. I love when we get that alone time, Mother-daughter moments that will become unforgettable memories. We enjoyed The Lion King very much. The costumes were beautiful, the dancing was incredible, and the play was well done. The commercial that used to use the tagline of" Priceless"... Lion King tickets, $57/piece; Pizza, $20. Gas, $12. The memory of being together for the day? Priceless.... Very true. The day was priceless.

  Today was my furiously happy day. I don't know what tomorrow holds. It doesn't matter what yesterday held. Today is beautiful and I will savor it .

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