Sunday, March 6, 2016

Colombia #13- Creeré (I will believe)

I love when a song or a verse or maybe a person's advice comes around multiple times and it provides verification of God speaking to me.
 While God isn't visible in the physical sense, I do believe that He speaks to us- through His word, yes, but also through people and through events and music. Music has always been one of the ways I've connected with the Lord. 
  While on this trip, God connected a lot of dots for me. Things I have been seeking Him on for months. I've been doing my best to share those, but I know the posts are a little, well, all over the place. It's challenging to contain the excitement I feel; the rejuvenation this experience has brought to my heart. So I am trying to do it in small doses each day.
 I had intentions of saving this post until my very last one, but I decided to stick it here in the middle of the others, and there is plenty more to unfold, but I felt compelled to go ahead and share this.
 Maybe because I need to remember the meaning behind this song which I learned to embrace. I have been taken on quite a journey through the last year. God has been working on sifting out the bad and planting the good. His hand has been all over my life story. My running journey, friendships dissipating, spiritual awakening, some eye opening moments through my job, prayers being answered, new friends entering the picture, and this trip. I can look back over the last year in awe.
  I still fight the depression battle, as I alluded to in a previous post. It's a dark place to be sometimes, but God is always there with me, and I don't doubt that. Some days are better than others. But on this trip, my spirits were lifted to a new height. God opened my eyes to truths He's been working to teach me over the last year, but until this time, I wasn't ready to embrace. And this song has a way of tying all of those together. It's in Spanish, but I am about to share the English translation with you.
 I hear this song and it takes me back to Colombia immediately. It also makes me cry because for the first time in years, I have begun to see myself and my path a bit more clearly.
 It doesn't mean it's easy and it doesn't mean I don't or won't need help getting out of the pit on those dark days. But, it gives me renewed hope just listening because in Colombia, I rediscovered some of my heart's joys. In the little village of Brisas del Mar, a forgotten village to most of the world, I learned to believe in myself again. I laughed unlike I have laughed in years. I stayed up late. I felt like me. Not the "I have to cover up my emotions and be strong " me, but the joyful, outgoing, people-person, not afraid to make mistakes me. The "I want to learn, I want to serve, I want to be who God has called me to be" me.  The experience is challenging to put to words, but it was transforming for me, one that as the days go by one by one since our time there, I am striving to hold on to that piece.
   I put together a YouTube video post trip, with pictures I took, and I was purposeful in choosing a song to go with that. The song "Creeré" plays with this video, and it means I will believe.
  The English translation says this:
    When you feel like you're about to faint, and when you don't have the strength to continue, you have thought about abandoning that dream , that desire that's in your soul, The mind says that there is nothing that you can do, but your heart doesn't stop. And you find the mountain in front of you, but I know that you will get across if you believe. I will believe, I will believe, I will believe. When it seems you can no longer fight, and it looks as if though the path is about to end, when no one believes you, when the doors are closed, please don't stop because you must continue. The hope will make you look beyond and faith will give you the strength to make you believe that you will win, now is the time to move forward and forget about the past and celebrate what will come. Together singing... I will believe, I will believe, I will believe. And the words that will come trying to extinguish the fire that's inside-you must forget them. and the wind will blow, but you will not stop. If God is at your side you will have everything necessary to lift you up and believe. Because God is the one who gives us strength. Have confidence, have confidence. Sing with me, yes I will believe, I will believe. 

 I hope you will enjoy this. The next blog I will share more about the construction we did while we were there. 

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  1. What a beautiful video. The amount of memories you have brought home from your travels continue to astound me. PS> I know this isn't the right place for this, but have you ever considered a white post background? I don't know if I'm the only one who has difficulty reading on the blue. Sending that with all the positivity & constructiveness you know comes with it, hope you don't think it's critical :)