Sunday, July 3, 2016

Choosing to Laugh

When studying for math is not getting me very far, it's pouring rain outside, the watermelon made a complete mess all over the clean floor and the dog knocked over the lamp and broke it and then peed on the carpet because it scared him.... I decided it was time for my third cup of coffee for the day.
  Some days I can laugh at my situations better than others. More often than not, my emotions choose the tears. But after working a set of math problems for two hours and getting frustrated, I chose laughter with the dog's accident. 
 After cleaning it up, my  husband graciously told me I should go to Starbucks for the evening and study. (Where I could enjoy my fourth! cup of coffee for the day)
  Either he was tired of listening to my frustrated sighs from the other room or he was feeling pity on my frustrated soul. It doesn't really matter. I am thankful for the change of scenery in my study area. 

 I used to be the barista serving the students. Now the roles are reversed. I am thankful for the quiet haven. I plug in my headphones to tune out the possible distractions and wouldn't you know I Aced my math quiz? I suppose I just needed a refocus.

The math homework and quiz due today have been completed....and after much agony through the new lesson, I think I finally have clicked with the material. 

 The lamp in the living room has been replaced already.

 The dog is happy again. 

 And I can breathe a little better so I can enjoy my holiday. 

 The point of this very short blog is simple: 
 Sometimes it's better to laugh than to cry. 

 I'm not always able to do this with ease, but when I do, I get through the frustrations so much quicker! And I can find the good even in the mess...Such as 

 1. Sometimes the need for a slice of peace- aka coffee- outweighs the extra calories the creamer will add to my count for the day. And it's totally worth it. 
 2. Michael was completely gracious when he could have been totally annoyed with me. Giving up a few hours for me to go to Starbucks was a sacrifice, I know. And I don't take those moments lightly.
 3. In the end, I aced my math quiz. 
 4. We love our new dog. His name is Bronco. He's a beautiful black Lab. He's lovable and training really well. He will become my running buddy in time, but needs a little work (clearly!). He was a rescue from the shelter, so we are lucky we found him.
 5. The rain is chilly, but soothing. And our grass and crops really needed it. 
 6. I still have one more day off work!! And I can relax and enjoy it because I accomplished the school work today.

 One day at a time..... it's the little things.... like coffee and just a change of atmosphere that refresh the soul!  One day at a time... today I chose to laugh instead of cry :) 

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