Friday, May 15, 2015

The Little Moments

As this week wraps up, I have to slow my pace to think about the little moments from the week. They're laced throughout, but the faster paced life is, the harder they are to see.
   I have to set my "thankful" book next to my pillow to remember to record thoughts before going to bed. I don't want to lose sight of the good moments, in the midst of chaos and a busy mind.
 the little things are what count.... like the grains of sand that make up a beach, the little moments built into each day make a lifetime of memories and joyful moments... if we stop to let them.

  So, even when life is challenging, pausing just for a few minutes each day truly helps to keep life in perspective.
    The little moments from this week....

- A cozy new chair perfect for a writing corner in my room
  - A girlfriend who loved on me with a fresh summery scent gift and words full of support
   - Amanda. She is a friendship that came from nowhere, but one God knew I would need. Someday the story of how our friendship came to be will be written here, but for now, I simply say she is a gift in my life. The way God crosses people's paths amazes me at times. (
       - Riding my bike to work. I truly got such joy from that, I believe it will become a summer time  habit, at least a couple of days a week.
          - Dry Shampoo. It sounds crazy- I thought so too, upon hearing about it. But then trying it has revolutionized my mornings (well, slightly anyway)
      - New opportunities. Not sure why we are always afraid of change, but new opportunities provide a chance for growth and proof of what we're made of.  Hard at times. But a blessing in disguise too.
     - Having a friend who's got my back. No matter what.
    - Sunshine. Bring it on. It makes me happy :)
      -Quote books. Cheesy, I know. But I love motivational quotes. LOVE them. I could own many of those and not get tired of them.
         - The feel of fresh cut, cool grass underneath my bare feet. At my dad's this week, truly one of my favorite places to be, I kicked off my shoes out of pure habit and just ran through the yard like I did when I was a kid. Freedom. Joy. And laughter. From the simple place of walking through the yard barefoot and returning to child like way for a brief moment.

  It's the little things that matter....

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