Sunday, May 24, 2015

Plowing is a yearly job

5K week has arrived for me. Months of planning, talking, doing, and working towards a goal will shape up and be over in less than a week now.   This particular week will hold many hours logged towards executing an hour's worth of an event, but hopefully and prayerfully with an outcome that will last for years to come, in giving of the scholarship.
  Because of changing the date of my event this year, it's been a bit of a quiet whirlwind. But the lessons have been nothing short of powerful and growth producing, as they are each year. Occasionally, I enjoy going back to read posts from the past. And as I sat and did that recently, I focused on reading posts written close to 5K week in past years, to see at that time what I was learning, what God was teaching me. As  I did that, a post written from last year spoke pretty well what I have been learning this year. Perhaps in a bit of a different light, but with similar lines.
 I face challenges, as does anyone who puts on events. Sometimes year to year, those challenges change. Sometimes, the challenges remain the same. Sometimes, the challenge is different, but with the same lesson being taught.
  Last year, about a week ahead of my event, I had a powerfully motivating conversation with a close friend/mentor of mine. A conversation about plowing through the hard times and doing it. I can recall where I sat, and the hand motions of the plow and the depth of the meaning behind the conversation, not just being spoken in regards to the 5K, but in regards to all of life. I hadn't forgotten the conversation, but I had shelved it. There was a lot happening in life at that time... there is a lot happening in life now, too. So, recalling that conversation in light of all the transpiring events now, was a pensive and productive place for me. So, I am doing something this morning I have never done. I am reposting what I wrote at that time. You might remember it if you follow my blogs. If not, then I hope you can glean something from it.
 I soaked in that conversation that day... I recalled it today and let it soak in some more.  You will find it to be written in regards to plowing through life... and what I needed to remember today, is that a farmer doesn't plow once in a lifetime and then the field is forever "ready to go" . A farmer plows every year.... and every year, the yield of the crop is a bit different.
  So, as 5K week is here for me, I am plowing through some different challenges. And excited to see the outcome of the crop this year. And I owe a great thank you to the friend who cared enough to have that conversation with me back then, and I hope, if my friend is reading today, knows what a difference has been made from a few minutes of genuine conversation and care and concern, months ago, still resonating with me. to my friend I say.... Keep on Plowing... I am... Quietly perhaps, but plowing nonetheless. Thank you for the difference you make. And thank you for plowing alongside me. 

   Here were the words written that 5K week in 2014....

Plowing Through It

Because I am a farm girl at heart, analogies involving anything farm related paint real pictures for me.   So I found it relevant that the comparison of a plow was used today for me in conversation. The plow analogy, quite honestly, applies to many areas of life. At times, those areas are more serious, and at times, more comical
 A plow, if you do not know, is a piece of farm equipment that attaches to the back of the tractor, is lowered into the ground and essentially digs up dirt to prepare the ground for planting. The piece of equipment almost looks like claws/disks on the end, if you will, depending on the make. Regardless, the outcome is the same- it goes into the ground and digs up the dirt from the bottom up to prepare the dirt for the seeds to be planted.
   I have thought about lately how sometimes life throws curve balls, and you just have to go with it. It wasn't until later in the day when the plow analogy was used, that I realized how that was an applicable analogy to many aspects of life.
  No coffee pot in the morning? Seems like a tragedy, quite honestly. I am an avid coffee drinker and for many years, the first thing I am doing upon getting out of bed is drinking a cup of coffee. I always said I'd never make it without that coffee to start the day. But somehow, when the coffee pot breaks or there isn't one available upon the stumble out of bed, I manage to plow through anyhow and  be fine until I do find that cup of coffee a couple hours later in the day.
   Tired from lack of sleep? Plow through and get the job done regardless.
Sad from a life tragedy happening all around you? Plow through...
  Discouraged over an event or a thing not going as expected? Plow through....
 Dig deep, turn the dirt over , plow through, because plowing through prepares the way for beautiful seeds to be planted and grow and blossom.
   I've been told excuses are easy to make. And quite honestly, they are. How many of us can tell stories of co workers or family members who give excuses for not accomplishing something? worse yet, how many of us have been that person using those excuses?
  I battle depression. I take medication for it. But I don't let it stop me. I plow through it. I get up, I run, I go to a job I love, I have people who support me all around me, and  I smile. I plow through that obstacle of depression every day.
 Yes, there are times when life's excuses are relevant and not really along the excuse line. For 5K this year is definitely not in the place I would like for it to be. I could give a millions "reasons" why, or excuses even, but reality is, those reasons hold some relevancy.  But those reasons don't mean I quit and give up. I am going to plow through it. Play it out. Do it. Learn from it. Dig up the dirt so that it can grow to be better the next time around.   Plow through the excuses, the reasons, the discouragement and road blocks and let God take it, mold it, grow it and shape it into an even better one next year.
 Plowing through is not easy. If it were, everyone would do it. Nothing good ever comes easy. Rainbows after rain. Smiles after pain. Beautiful crops after a plowed up ground.
    Pressing on and plowing through. I choose to do that. Because I want to be a better person. I want to grow into who God is shaping me to be. I want to  blossom. But it takes plowing through the hard days to do that.
 One day at a time.

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