Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day

My dad has taught me much about inner strength and determination. He has set an example my entire life about hard work and strong ethics to a job. Dad holds to positivity and faith in all that he does. He loved my mom with his whole being and always strived to show it to her in ways that some would say are unconventional, but to me, as his child, it was written in every bit of his actions.  He cared for her to the very end and displayed true love to mom to all who saw, but I was privileged enough to witness it firsthand daily.
    My dad tells silly jokes that don't make sense to a lot of others, but leave me laughing for long moments. Dad loves to have fun. He has a heart for people and service. Dad is wise and he is brave.
   He's a farmer to the core.
  He is a man of few words, but lots of wisdom and love.
     When he and I would be together often times with mom, we'd be having a discussion or something of the sorts and my mom would roll her eyes at us and say "Oh, brother, you two!" Because we were so much alike.
  I can always count on my dad. He plays on the floor with the kids, he allows me to talk when I am upset, he supports my goals and dreams and he loves unconditionally. I am thankful for my dad and all he has and still does instill in me.

Dad's sense of humor showing through with mom in their early years

Dad holding me 

One of my favorite photos of my dad. I found this one while sifting through photos of mom a few years ago, and me and my siblings came to love this one of dad the most. Here, he was in their early marriage and he was at a farm auction. we have no idea who caught this on photo, but he ended up being the new owner of the land. 

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