Thursday, August 8, 2013

Be Still.

The thunder is rumbling gently in the distance. And as the thunder rolls, I hear the gentle whisper of "Be Still."
 It's been a long 2 weeks, full of events beyond our control. And these events have called me to the action of Being Still.
  I do not sit still very well.
 I run for a hobby.
   I am on my feet 8 hours a day, moving and multi tasking all day with my job.
     I talk all day.
       I come home and do....
  Even when I am semi still (lying in bed or sitting on the couch) my mind is running many miles per minute.

Sitting still is not my strength.

Therefore, when I hear the gentle whisper (and I mean whisper. I literally have to BE sitting in order to sense this whisper) that I need to be still, I fight it.
  The conversations in my mind go something like this:

"Oh, I need to send that email about the 5K. It's coming so fast..." still. Rest.
   "I can't believe we have to put Milo down (our dog). How will the kids handle that. How will I handle that?"    Rachael....Be still and know that I am God. Let me handle it.
    "I need to get up and do the dishes. Oh, and I need to file that bill. Oh yeah, I need to get Elizabeth's permission slip....." Rachael....Rest. The time is slipping away. You need to be still before you can do anything.
  "School is starting. We have orientation and open house and I need to get supplies. Oh, I need to make sure Elizabeth is ready for Junior High...."  No, Rachael, you need to give it me. You need to be still. You need to rest in me and let me handle the worries.

These conversations don't mean I sit idly and do nothing. The conversations- or whispers, if I may- are reminders that I need to quiet my mind and just sit still. I need to rest in His peace. Peace He offers constantly, but peace often times found most when I sit still.

Life has been rolling fast around me in recent weeks. We've had to say a lot of "goodbyes". It's been So fast that in the last few days I have felt a bit of sadness that summer is almost gone and what did we even do?? In those moments of "time is flying" realization, God whispers to me to Be Still.
  Soak in the moment.
   Soak in His grace.
    Soak in His words.
 don't focus on the goodbyes. Focus on the Good.
Allow my mind to rest.
   Be still.

It's not a shouted command at me.
   it is a gentle beckoning for me.

Be Still.
  Watch the kids laugh.
    Listen to Elizabeth talk.
     Snuggle with the kids.
      Play games with Joseph.
        Laugh with Michael.
        Smile at the little moments.
          Give God the tough ones.
   Pray. Listen. Wait. Allow.
 Be Still.

God has brought me so far in my journey of learning to be still. In these weeks of chaos and goodbyes and,'ve felt a peace only He can offer.
   As the thunder rolls around the house outside me, I have shelter to offer me a quiet place during the storm. And just as that shelter stands, so does the peace that surrounds me during the storms of goodbyes and lawsuits and chaos and tough days.
 Peace found when I am still.
Peace found in God alone.

And so I will be still as long as He needs. It teaches me more than all my "doing" ever will.

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  1. A valuable truth to realize, friend. I was speaking to a group of women today at the women's shelter, and one of the ladies who has made great progress wanted to chat more one on one. She said that one of the greatest lessons she has learned is that you have to BE STILL as God works in your life. She talked about why it was so hard for her, how she sees others struggle, and why there's no substitute for just being still.