Friday, August 16, 2013

Savoring Summer

Where has the time gone? Summer is coming to a close, in terms of school beginning.
 I am entering new territory as a mom, with a daughter moving into Junior High. Change is happening. But it is good change. We had orientation and open house this week at the new building, and though they were good tears, I had to stop the big crocodile drops from running down my cheeks as I watch my little girl grow up in a whole new fashion.
  I am savoring the last days of summer. We will have a campfire with S'mores, we will have our last "late night" movie nights, we will jump on the trampoline and we will do sparklers.
  I want to recap some of our good times from this summer, though, and I will also recap some lessons I have learned in this particular "Season". As summer closes, and a new season approaches, so will a new season of life for our family. Here's what this summer has looked like a little bit:
-A family trip to the Zoo
-Weekend movie nights-sometimes at the drive in; sometimes on our couch.
-Elizabeth's first mission trip./graduation into the church junior high group
-Birthdays! Joseph, Michael, myself, and Elizabeth! We had a lot of cake during this time.
-catching fireflies
-Walking the beach
-Creek swims.

Challenging experiences:
-Saying goodbye to Granny forever
- Saying goodbye to our 9 year old American Bulldog
- Emotional changes of an 11 year old daughter
-Time flying....

As this season draws to a close, I always stop to ponder what I've learned, what was good, what could I do better.
 My friend, Julie, at come have a peace, has been blogging about her transition of her daughter going off to college. It has made me think about many things for many reasons. Her daughter used to be a child I babysat when I was a teenager. I can't believe she is now entering college. Her transition has made me think about how fast time goes.  It seems like just yesterday I was babysitting her. Now I have my very own, growing up before my eyes daily. And a few things I've been learning more deeply this summer are:
 Embrace the moments.  They go too fast. These are the days that are important.
   Be thankful.  

God is good. ALL the time!!

Change is a constant in our lives. But change can be a really good thing. 

I'm perfectly imperfect.  That is my new mantra. I embrace that. It's been a really tough lesson for me, taken me a long time to really embrace this, and one lesson I am sure I will need to remind myself of (or you may need to remind me, too) . I am perfectly imperfect. I am who God has made me, I am a beautiful mess, I am constantly working to be the best woman I can be- as a wife, as a mom, as an employee, in my dreams/goals, and when I look in the mirror. I will never be a Perfect person, as far as my mind can grasp. I am, however, perfectly imperfect, His daughter, and He loves me....and I will embrace that. Size, weight, mistakes, idiosyncracies (sp?) and all....Perfectly Imperfect. And I embrace that.

  There have been challenging moments this summer, but I know God has brought me a very long way because I never completely fell apart during them, as I have in the past. I looked for the above things in those hard times. And God showed up each and every time. when we sat at the table last night, after Junior High open house, I asked the family their favorite summer moments.
 Elizabeth: Her mission trip to TN.
   Joseph: His trip to the water park with Grandma, Papa and his cousins.
    Michael: our date nights.
  Me:.....I couldn't pick one. I was savoring all the summer moments and all I've learned. I'd say the trip to the zoo as a family was mine. Watching my kids' faces light up and "Oh, mommy, look!!!" and even the moments walking in the rain, holding Michael's hand that day.  The little moments.
   I also had a perfect cup of coffee while in Florida (for the tough reason of the funeral) and I got to go back in the Cuban kitchen and they taught me how to make their Cafe Cubano. Now I can bring that to my coffee shop. The little moments.
   I'm savoring the next few days....they are going all too fast.
 Some summer picture moments:
Elizabeth and her cousin, Abi.

Joseph, and his cousin, Kenzie

A time to reflect. 

A perfect cup. Cafe con leche. Cuban coffee.

The last days with our faithful dog, Milo.

A zoo snapshot

A ridiculously fun race this summer, with my friend, Alyssa.

And my favorite.... time with my husband.

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