Wednesday, July 31, 2013

But God is good

There is  a saying out there: "When it rains, it pours."
  Or "Tragedy happens in 3's"

It has poured this week. We haven't happened upon a third yet, but in a week's time, we have been through a pouring storm.
   But God is good.

We've been through the wringer. We've been stretched, pushed, pulled, and left exhausted with few resources left inside us.
  But God is good.

We've said goodbye to our dearly loved grandma, and on Friday, she will be buried. We are walking the path of grief once again.
   But God is good.

Left with no one to watch the kids, we endeavored into a new world and allowed them to stay at home alone while we went to work. The unexpected happened, our dog bit someone, police showed up, Michael and I sped home from work, and now we face a lot of unknown.
   But God is good.

 It is my tendency to worry; a struggle I've always battled. I can come up with scenarios in my mind even The Avengers or Superman haven't had to face in all the movies or comic books. (Ok, poor analogy perhaps, but the point is.....I worry way too much about impossible things sometimes).  I see what's happening around me, the chaos that keeps rolling on top of more chaos. The storm pouring down. And then I create a new "what if..."
   And then...
     And then...
        And then.....

I just keep thinking of more.

This time around, through this season of grief and sadness and exhaustion we face, I say: no more. I have walked the road of sadness far too many times in life the last few years. I have learned the truths in the hardest ways imaginable. And this time, I will not let that be my path. No more "and thens...."
   I replace those with
     But God is Good. 
          All the time.

It is sad to say goodbye to granny. But God is good. She had a great life. She is now with Him.
   We are exhausted with a few days of more exhausting traveling ahead. But God is good. He has given me strength through worse times-times of losing my mom, times of fighting for the good of our marriage, times of deep depression and anxiety. He will get me through this with renewed vigor somehow.
      The dog bite and the events that will follow with that in the next few weeks...well, that is another whole story and blog probably. too many unknowns. A lot of stressful fears with it all. But God is good. The kids handled it maturely. The police even said so. I feared being in trouble with the kids at home alone, but God is good. The police commended them.

I can't always find the good in the scenarios. But through all this week, of being pushed and pulled emotionally and physically, I have been reminded a few things.
 Stop. And pray. My tendency is to call someone or share right away. I need to stop and pray. Talk to the One who can fix it. Talk to the One who can calm me. And it makes all the difference in my response. I could have fallen apart on any of these scenarios (and perhaps I had my moments....) but overall, I had the whispering reminder of
   God is good. All the time. Every day. One day at a time. One scenario at a time.

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  1. He IS good, and I'm sorry for the avalanche of challenges this week. He understands that too. Pray against letting it take you to the sad and dark place that's like quicksand to your soul; it's not a place to stay in. It's a place to climb out of, and a divine hand reaches out to pull you out and hold you. This is a time to put the strength you've gained into practice, and I know you will! Just like the kids rose to the occasion, so will you, friend. In Him.