Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A shining light

One of my all time favorite things about summer is lightning bugs. I've always loved those little guys.
I have great childhood memories of going out in the dark and catching the bugs in jars and then watching them light up. We'd always let them go by the end of the night, though.
   The lightning bug season is short, but my kids have picked up on my love for those little bugs. Last night we ran around the yard, looking like silly people, catching those bugs, watching them light up, and then flying away.

 That got me to thinking about how true it is of light v. dark.  When we were along the back fence, trying to catch the bugs, it was nearly impossible until they lit up. We couldn't see them flying around because they blended into the leaves and darkness. However, when their light shone, we ran to catch it. We run to the light.

A similar thought crossed my mind during my coffee shop renovations recently.
   The electricians put in around 4 new lights overhead, near my work areas. When I came in the Monday after they'd done it, I was amazed at the difference. I never knew how dark the area was until the extra light was put in.

Have you ever been in the dark? But not realized it until you "saw the light"?

When my mom died, I stayed in the dark for a while. I struggled through some dark days during that time. My depression grew so deep that I was consumed at times by the dark. The thing is, I never knew I was in the dark. I was totally blind to it.

Until one day, the light was bright and I realized how dark I'd been. The realization was a painful one, but what a beautiful thing to be in the light again. The journey to repairing  life born out of the midst of those dark times has not always been easy, but being in the light is a much more peaceful place.

In the dark, you fumble around to find your way. In the light, you can walk clearly and confidently.

In the dark, you can hide. In the light, you are seen.

In the dark, you don't know what's right ahead and it can be scary. In the light, though you may not know what's around the corner, you don't fear it because you can at least see clearly.

Darkness often =sin.   Light = God's truths.

In sin, you can't separate lies from truth. In obedience, truth is evident, even if not easy.
   In sin, hurts are born and destruction is created. In God's truths, healing and peace are found.
      In sin, selfishness is often what drives a persons decisions. In God's truths, dying to one's self drives a persons decisions.

I have a daily choice as to whether I will walk in darkness or light. I can BE darkness or I can BE light. Light is so much better and more clear- it breeds life into those around me and into my own day.
  Like chasing lightning bugs when they can't be totally seen, I may look like a crazy woman when I am chasing or being the light. But I don't care. I know that the light brings joy, just like that little lightning bug.

 So, one day at a time, one decision at a time, I choose the shining light. I choose God's truths.

 Does your light shine, drawing others to Him, as the lightning bugs does?

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