Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Mom, Linda Ann Nelson Ferguson

Vision Part 2 is being postponed a few days. Today is the anniversary of my mom's death. She has been home with the Lord now for 2 years. It's hard to believe the amount of life that has gone on in that time. As I sit here, memory after memory rushes over me like waves crashing over the rocks. last Year I spent time in the blog recalling what the days were like with her in those last days. If you are new to the blog, check out posts in March of 2011. Today, I want to rejoice. God has brought me very far in a year. So far, it is only work that He could do. I was in a dark place, unbeknownst to many around me, and as I allowed Him to pull me out of that, His light has grown so much brighter- around me as well as I hope in me, shining through to others. One day, I hope my story can encourage another and help them through dark times. Perhaps maybe it is....i was asked today why I blog. One of my reasons was simply  because maybe my story can help someone else in some way. And I hope it does that. Or perhaps it helps others understand me better. But ultimately, I do it to bring glory to God, and hope that my voice echoes His loudly enough that others see Him.
 Anyway, this is about my mom today. I could write a thousand words, or a thousand memories. But today I will simply capture her with some pictures over the years. Some are silly, others sentimental. But in all of them, she is is smiling...and that was my mom genuinely. I miss her with an ache. But at the same time, I remember her with such joy that I am blessed, and I pray I am carrying that out - carrying out all she taught me- to others. So, here is my mom.... just a small glimpse of her. I apologize if some of the photos are grainy (but photography has come a very long way! ) So many more I can add, but these are just a few...

Our Family, 1984 L-R Me, Dad, Mom, Tim, Becky, Steve

And this captures my mom and dad's relationship. This was them one Christmas, playing around with a new handkercheif and candy cane.



My wedding day. Mom pinning a broche on me that is a family heirloom from her side of the family.

Mom with Joseph

Mom and Elizabeth and Joseph, 2010

Mom :)  Always smiling

Mom and Elizabeth, 2002

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