Sunday, March 10, 2013

Daddy's Girl

My mom was my best friend, but if I am honest, I have always been a daddy's girl. Not in the sense of a princess type daddy's girl, but in the farmer's daughter type daddy's girl (which is suiting, since dad was a farmer).
  Today is my dad's birthday, so I want this post to honor him. Just as it is hard to capture my mom in adequate words, so is it hard to capture my dad. He is so unique, so wonderful, I love him dearly.
   My dad is an example to me every day.

   ~He has worked hard his entire life, and I rarely have heard him complain about it.He is outside in all types of weather, working from sun up often times til sun down. It's not that work is his life, it's more that he strives to provide for his family. He always did and still does. He set an example for me and taught me about working hard and giving it your all. My dad is a true example of how a person should work.

   ~Dad is a people person.He may not be open about his entire life, but he sure does love to talk. He loves knowing how people really are; He loves to talk in long conversations- even if sometimes they are simple conversations. When people talk about my dad, they say they love him. He has more of a quiet presence than mom did, but people love dad.

   ~My dad's faith is genuine and strong. His convictions stand. I've watched him teach kids all his life almost in church, even to this day, he teaches young primary school age kids the truths about Jesus. He is solid. I watched him give money in church when he had nothing to give. I watched him read his Bible in the quiet of the morning at the breakfast table. I have listened to his prayers. And I have heard him talk about God all my life. His faith is solid.

   ~ My dad faithfully loved mom. It was the hardest thing to watch him say goodbye, but I will tell you he has been my example through it all. He always says how much he misses mom, but following that you will hear him say how he wouldn't wish her back here because she was so sick and now she is perfectly well in heaven and much better off than any of us! He loved her every day. He provided and made many sacrifices so she could always be home with us. He was never big on communicative words, but you saw it always in his actions how much he loved her.

   ~Dad loves his grandkids. He is down on the floor playing with them, he tucks them in and tells them (literally sits at their bed and makes up) bedtime stories. He tells silly jokes and he even plays the wii with them. He teaches them truths from God's word and he prays for them. He is a great grandpa (Papa).

I could go on and on about the wonderful things about my dad. It is true that I am daddys girl. We are so much alike in so many ways, mom used to roll her eyes, shake her head and say "oh, brother!" because dad and I would be saying/doing the same exact things so much that we would even butt heads a few times. I used to make fun of my dad growing up because he would come in from working all day, turn on the evening news, and he'd be fast asleep in his chair within 5 minutes of the tv being on! Guess who does that now?? Yep, I do. Dad worked hard and he was tired, he deserved a few minutes of rest. I worry like my dad does. Dad wants every detail to be right, and he will talk about it and talk about it until its over, and all has gone perfectly well. Guess who else does that? Yep, I do.  Dad and I communicate the exact same way, in that it takes us 20 minutes to tell a 5 minute story! But I learned hard work ethics from my dad. I learned that when life throws yucky things your way, you take them and grow. My dad was a twin and lost his twin in a farming accident before I was born. He lost another brother in that same accident. He lost a son at birth. He's lost both his parents. And he's now lost his wife. Yet, through all that pain and heartache, you will find a deeper faith and a story that tells how God used those times to teach him to trust. I pray my children will be able to say the same of me.  My dad tells jokes that are so silly you can't help but laugh. Yep, my sense of humor is the same -so dumb it's funny. My dad loves life, and I hope that my attitude shows that I do too. My dad has weathered skin from being a farmer/ outside worker his whole life. But he has laugh lines around his eyes and mouth that are a clear picture of his joy.
 Only my dad could come out and run a 5K in jeans! I have been so proud to have him cross that finish line every year we've done the event in memory of mom. I have watched dad learn how to cook after mom passed away, and he has come a very long way. I have learned a lot from my dad. And I hope I will continue to do so.
 So, Happy Birthday , Dad. You are truly and example to me one day at a time, every day, and I love you!!

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