Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Perfect Run

The snow was falling light as feathers, but the wind was whipping wildly around our faces....but it was a perfect run.
 What makes a perfect run? I suppose every person would categorize that differently.

My definition, however, holds a range of answers.
 Sometimes a perfect run is hitting a new mileage mark.
   Sometimes a perfect run is feeling the burn in the lungs and the legs when it's over.
     Sometimes a perfect run is the company.
       And yet, sometimes, a perfect run is just simply getting out and feeling the fresh air on the face.

Yesterday was cold! I mean COLD ! I've done many cold runs, but the wind was really bad on this one. My times were absolutely horrible, to be honest. The terrain was different, making my muscles all move differently, so the run was not an easy jog in the park.
 But it was a perfect run. What made it perfect? The company. I was out with my "bestie" Alyssa. Alyssa will get up and run with me at 4:30 am. She will brave all temperatures and weather when not many others will. She pushes me to levels I thought unachievable, and she cheers me on like a real friend should. She also happens to be my sponsorship coordinator for the Linda A. Ferguson Memorial 5K. It was a perfect run because we were running the course for our event this year. Whenever we do that, we always find new ideas to put in place, new companies to contact and new ways to make our event better. We also gain a new perspective on the course and new ways to bring in more participants. We leave feeling energized, no matter how bad my (our) time was. It was a perfect run.
 We also ended it perfectly with a hot cup of coffee and hot French toast at the local Clifton Mill. Saturday's run definitely fell into the category of a perfect run.

Sometimes a perfect run is the weather being at the best temperature (that was not yesterday, by the way!)
  Sometimes a perfect run is the best time I've ever had. (also not yesterday)
     Sometimes a perfect run is time to think and pray and collect my thoughts.
        And yet, sometimes, a perfect run means realizing I'll never be perfect. My times will never be the fastest, my body will never be the slimmest, my ideas may never be the greatest, my miles may never be the longest, and I may not always be the most positive person on a run....A perfect run is often a run where I learn more about myself, and accepting that I will never be perfect :)  And that is ok.
  One day at a time, one run at a time, It's a great concept to grasp.

 Me and Alyssa after the run
The view we had during our warm breakfast!

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