Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Becoming Grateful, #6

I could write a myriad of thoughts today. I have a longer blog coming that is forming in my mind. But writing about that which I am grateful is overdue, and today I have just one thing I want to put on the list. And it's a big one. Ok....2 things, actually.

 1. My brother came home from Afghanistan today! It was so good to hear his voice again. He is my "little" brother, though he is much taller and stronger than I am. He is in the marines He has been deployed for 7 months, but today he arrived home safely. I am so proud of him. He is my little brother, but we have leaned on eachother alot over the last few years (ok, I probably leaned on him more than he did on me.)  I have missed talking to him while he's been away. So I am happy he's home (which is still miles away, but at least I can see him in skype or talk to him), and I am grateful he came home safely.

2. Our daughter turned 10 yesterday. I am now a parent of the double digits. Wow, where has time gone?! I am thankful for her every day. She and I are very similar so sometimes she can push my buttons like no other, but other times, she has the most calming words. Almost too grown up for her young age . She comforts me sometimes, which sholdn't be the case, but at times it is. She has a sensitive heart for others, and she feels deeply like I do. She is on a roller coaster of emotions these days as she grows up, but lucky for her, I understand that:)  She is a gift, one for which I am grateful every day. It was wonderful (and a bit unreal) to celebrate her 10th birthday. My, how I've learned alot in those years. I"m sure there'll be plenty more lessons on the way!

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear some more from the depths of my heart. Until then, I'm continuing to learn to be grateful one day at a time.

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