Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Back in Training

It has been some time since I wrote about my running or my exercise habits. So, just as it is time to get back into training better, it is time to share about that realm of life again too. Because when I train, I always learn about myself.

 This weekend I sat down and planned out the next several weeks for training for my fall race. While I have never quit my running this summer, it wasn't my focus. I didn't have any races planned and when you take a trip outside of the country, it really does shift your perspective. Again, not that my exercise or running wasn't important still, it just wasn't my focus.
 But I have put my training hat back on and am gearing up towards my fall race. When I left off in the Spring discussing my training (Yikes! Has that much time passed?) I was left with the lesson that I will not say the word Slow.

 And so I pick up where I left off. Of course not focusing on my distance has left me in a place that my pace is what it is. But really, that is just fine with me. I am happy to be working towards a goal again. I love goals. :) They make me ... me. And I really  enjoy doing races, and so I am looking forward to participating in them again. I've missed it. Each training leg I do tends to bring on lessons of life with it. I can't wait (Dare I say that?) to see what will be in store over the next couple of months.
 Of course, I always wonder to myself about my fall races because fall is a bit of a crazy time with my job at its peak and this fall, with my classes, for the first time I am going to take one on campus and not just online. So, ready or not, bring it on!

 The start is always the easiest in some ways, as my body just knows and is used to 3 and 4 mile runs. It's also the hardest as I push back into my routines. But running clears my head. It relaxes me, even if when I get up at 4:30 I am tired. It energizes me to move through my day. And it helps me feel better all around.

 It isn't about my pace. It isn't about the medal on the finish line or the shirt that comes with participating. It isn't about a name or a win. It's about me continuing to be a better me.
  So, slowly but surely.
      So, ready, set, go! Pressing on towards the goal....

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