Friday, February 3, 2017



 When I have been sick all week, it makes me realize the things for which I am grateful. For one, I have a little more time to think. And Two, when I am sick, obviously I don't feel well and therefore I realize how good I have life sometimes. So, even though this week I did not have a lot of events take place and I spent a lot more time resting, there are always ways to find moments for which to be grateful- little things that make up smiles and memories and gratitude.
  My body has a way of saying STOP to me a few times a year. Yes, the weather plays a role in all of it, with the strange ways of Ohio going from 60 degrees one day to 30 degrees the next. However, may other factors come in to play with my body breaking down. Stress builds up and after a certain amount of trying to handle it, it gives way to a weakened immune system. Going until I can't go anymore always plays a role as well. When life is kind of crazy, I suppose I have a way of making it more crazy by filling it up - not just with thoughts in my head, but stuff to do. Illness is miserable. But it is also a time for me to stop and re-evaluate. So, although I could be much more sick, this week has given me the time to be still. Forced rest. I suppose I make it sound as though I had a deathly illness. I certainly have not. But I will say that when I do get sick, it tends to knock me out hard. And that has compiled some of my little moments this week....

 1. A loving daughter who made me hot tea and said she wanted to take care of me while I was fighting this illness.

 2. My son who has shown a great interest in cooking took on making our dinners the first few nights this week so I could rest. (And he did a great job!)

 3. Michael brought me soup. And took care of getting the kids everywhere they needed to be. While that doesn't sound monumental, to me it was. Those are tasks usually I handle.

 4. A boss who is so understanding when it comes to this. I tried to work because I can be rather stubborn about that aspect that has long been engrained in me. He took one look at me and said go home. :) Seriously, I am grateful for that. I also am grateful for a job that offers sick time hours. I have not always had that. It's appreciated.

 5. My Bible. I should be grateful for this all the time. But this week I have had time to read it more. And it is so refreshing and rewarding to spend dedicated time in it. Not that I don't read it otherwise, but I was able to read and re-read and record and I know God knew I needed that.

 6. ColdBlaster. So, Starbucks has a drink called a ColdBlaster. I guess not all of their baristas know what it is, but at any rate, it's worth it. It has 2 teas in it, half hot water, half steamed lemonade and honey. It truly is refreshing to a body not feeling wonderful.

 7. Antibiotics. When you have a double ear infection (yes... that is the diagnosis) medicine does wonders. I am grateful that this is a thing and that I can afford it.

 8. Health. Listen, the point of this is not to tell you I was so sick this week. The point is to say that really, I am a very healthy person. And when I do get sick, it makes me realize that. I have missed my workouts so much this week and can't wait to get back to them. (I am really actually chomping at the bit to put my running shoes back on...but I am listening to my body) But I realize how healthy I am. And I am thankful for that. The number on the scale is not important nor is my pant size or all the number of comparisons I can make. I am healthy. And that is a gift not everyone experiences.

    It was a long week for me... but a good one, nonetheless. God is good. All the time. And I look forward to a new healthy week next week :)

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