Friday, February 24, 2017


As I sit here this morning, preparing to have my wisdom teeth removed in a couple of hours, I realized that #TheLittleMoments has gone by the wayside the last few weeks. So here are a few of my little moments from the week that make up good memories.

 1. Essential Oils
     Some time ago, a few friends began telling me about the great power of using oils- an all natural way to help with ailments of all kinds. You can learn more about it here. But my friend, Hannah, has kindly begun teaching me about these endless remedies. I love them. I am convinced of their aid.

 2. Cards.
  This past week, my best girlfriend Paula, was in Colombia with the missions team. A year ago that is how we met. We were on the same team. And she has been my best friend since. Paula is an amazing lady and I am so blessed to have her in my life. While she went away, she had someone here send me cards every couple of days so while she was away I would get cards from her! And not just any card. She put time into hand making these cards! She boosted my spirit on more than one occasion. The first card I got made me smile, the second made me cry. The third made me shake my head at what a wonderful friend I have. And so on. I could not believe it, but she totally made my week. She is amazing.

 3.  Float Tanks
   I have always wanted to try a floatation tank. (Read About it Here) Michael got it for me as a Valentine gift. It was amazing. I highly recommend this. It's a little strange at first, but it takes all the weight off your body, it's a way of completely releasing all the tension in your body. It's dark and quiet and so so good for you. It's great for a runner's beat up muscles or for a person who fights anxiety and just needs a space of quiet meditation without interruptions. I didn't really know what to expect, but I really enjoyed the experience.

 4. Restoration Park Church
   After a year of searching for a new home, our family has finally found a church to call ours . Restoration Park Church is fairly new, but it's an amazing group of people. The worship is so heartfelt. The pastors are down to earth but full of preaching the truth. I've begun getting involved and we are putting on a huge clothing give away on March 25, including prom dresses. It's open to the community. We love it there.

 5. Warm Weather
 In the middle of February, a girl can't argue with the fact that it's been in the 70s this week! A teaser, as we still have winter to go... but I cannot complain about it for a second. It's beautiful.

  What were your #TheLittleMoments this week?

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