Sunday, September 25, 2016

Celebrate Progress

Are you a glass half empty or half full person? For me, I am so often trying to help others see theirs half full, I am striving to find the positives for them to see in whatever the situation might be.
 But I admit that for my own self, I probably am more of the half empty gal. I hate admitting that, but honesty is what I do here. And so I'm being honest. I often struggle to see the positives in whatever my scenario might be.
 But- in recognizing that, I can work towards fixing that! And so I start by celebrating progress, even when that progress is slow.

 This year I have been implementing a lot of changes in my life. Those changes have been very healthy and very good for me in moving forward to the next horizon, but that being said, I need to stop and celebrate the progress a little more often.

 I can get tripped up by how long something takes. I can get frustrated because I am not seeing results I want. Or I get discouraged by the fact that some things are moving inches rather than feet at a time. But this week my friend said to me "Celebrate Progress." And I dwelt on that for a little bit.
 I often times miss the little victories because I am dwelling on the long process rather than the bits of progress.
 For example, when I started TRX back in March, I could only hold a plank for 30 seconds. Last month I was able to hold it for 2 minutes! For me, that was HUGE progress, not just little progress. But sometimes I get lost in the fact that I may not be exactly where I want to be. (The monthly plank challenge is to help us know how we are improving. I have come a very long way, even if I sometimes don't feel that way.) I still want to grow stronger, but I can look at what has transpired and celebrate!!

 With my school work, the road is very long. I know that, and if/when I think about it that way, it feels like forever out of sight. But instead of looking at it that way, I am celebrating progress. I am down one semester, a quarter of the way through the second, and moving towards a very worthy goal.

 Losing weight is a long process. But, celebrate the victories.

 Marriage has setbacks, but celebrate the progress.

 Parenting is at times and exhausting journey, but celebrate the progress.

 Training for a race takes 13 weeks (more or less), when the race will only take a few hours (or much less for those who are faster!) But celebrate the progress being made through those 13 weeks.

 You can also look at it as seeing the glass half full.

 So, while this can be a challenge for me at times, life is full of beautiful moments to be celebrated. Why waste it worrying when I can be celebrating? (disclaimer: I recognize that this is far easier said than done, but I am a work in progress- no pun intended- and therefore, that is the perspective I aim to hold.) 

What can you celebrate today??


  1. Today I celebrate our friendship! And tomorrow I celebrate you getting a sweet little package in the mail that's not quite a t-shirt, but quite awesome all the same! Best of luck at your upcoming race!!

    1. I celebrate you too!! And I am totally excited for this package to come :) very curious. I can't wait to fill you in after the race!