Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Little Moments

It's time for a blog post about the little moments.
 You know what I'm talking about: all the little things in life that often get disregarded or go unnoticed that actually add up to a heart of gratitude when I allow them to.
 So, today I share some of the little moments from the last couple of weeks....

 1. Time with my brothers. It was really great to have my younger brother in town and spend some time with my brothers. They tease me and love me and push the envelope of my thinking. They are so intelligent that they inspire me to grow every time I am with either one of them.

 2. Evening runs with Joseph. I am usually pretty beat by the end of the day, but as he is training for Cross Country in the fall, I am happy to give a half hour of my time to help him train. And as we cool down with a walk, we always end up having great chat time.

 3. My friend, Paula. Paula and I went to Colombia together and God has blessed me by having her in my life. This weekend, she came up and we went zip lining. Zip lining has been on my bucket list and I was able to finally go.  We had great talk time and made some new memories. I love discussing faith and friendship and family with her.

 4. Surprise gifts! It makes me happy when something comes to me as a total surprise. Today I got a super gift in the mail from my friend, Sharon. I met Sharon through the marathon and that was another cool friendship with which God has blessed me. We are miles apart, but never far from each other's thoughts or prayers. Today I got a gift from her that thrills me! It's a Runner's Devotional. If you read my blogs, you know running often parallels spiritual lessons God is teaching me, so I am excited to dive into this book and see how God will use it. Books make me happy :) Devotionals make me happy. So... I was double happy to get this surprise in the mail.

 5. Speaking of prayer, it may seem like a little moment, but it was important to me when someone recently asked how they could pray for me. Read about it here if you want. That simple question spoke volumes to me that day and has remained with me strongly since. Grateful for new friends and more grateful for prayer.

 6. Blank journals. I got this handmade gift that excites me... and it came with gel pens! Call me a nerd if you wish, but those little things make me smile. The purpose of the blank book is to fill it with things that make me happy, and I look forward to seeing what that content will become. I've already put a few little items in to it, like a few photos and a letter from Colombia I just got from a precious teenager over there.

 7. My nephew's laugh. It was contagious. He was pretty clingy to my brother and didn't always want much to do with me, but when he laughed, the whole room lit up.

 8. Warm sunny days and walks at lunch.

 9. Thunderstorms. I could listen to that sound for hours.

 10. My YMCA people. I have had a membership there for many years....who knew what I was missing out on all that time? Doesn't matter... they are kinda stuck with me now. It's like a little family of sorts.

 11. Watching silly teenage girl shows with my daughter. I admit, I get into the storylines. Plus, it provides some great and interesting conversations with her.

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