Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What I Learned in November

The calendar page turned to December yesterday. The last month of 2015. Time just keeps moving faster, doesn't it?
  While most people are hustling and bustling around, I am being purposeful in slowing down and savoring the moments. I should be more diligent in doing this all year, but... baby steps :). It feels good to say no a little more often to the extra events, and take in more family memory moments through this season.
 But as I reflect on the month of November, I am thankful for the lessons learned and the memories made.

1. Salt water offers more than we think.
   My friend sent me this quote, and I really found it profound and true, in the simplest terms.
"I know the cure for everything: Salt water... in one form or another. Sweat, tears, or the salt sea." - Karen Blixen.
   It was followed by saying... There's nothing that one or all of those can't fix.
Ponder that. It's not spiritual, but there is much truth found in that statement.

2. I DO like skinny jeans!
  A few years ago, when skinny jeans became popular, I tried them on and hated them because I didn't have the body fit for them. I swore I never would own a pair. But.... this month I decided I really wanted to wear my boots on top of my jeans, which would require skinny jeans. So.... I tried them on and lo and behold- I liked them! (Kudos to my husband, who bought them for me as a surprise!) In fact, they are becoming my favorite pair of jeans :)  You just have to find the right pair.

3. Lisa is my laughing buddy
  I absolutely love to laugh. And we laugh a lot. Sometimes over a silly memory we have created. Sometimes over a dumb statement. Sometimes over an inside joke.  We create silly abreviations only the 2 of us would understand. And we simply have fun together. Here, you will see photos of us being silly in Indianapolis. We spent more time finding silly stuff like this around the city than we did other things (besides work, that is). Best way to sight see!

4. I love campfires. This isn't news. Just a reminder.
 Thanksgiving this year was the most relaxing one we have had in years! We really enjoyed some serious down time as a family. And that included a "campfire", with a cup of coffee, of course!

5. Let Go continues...
  The more I think I have learned about letting go, the more I continue to see. Letting go is freeing, but it has painful lessons with it, too. I have a feeling now that the door is opened on this journey for me, it's going to stay open and I will continue learning how to let go and what to let go. I shared a little bit here if you missed it earlier this month.

6. Lindor Chocolates have become my favorite delicate chocolate treat.

7. I am Charlie Brown
  Peanuts have long been my favorite cartoon. My daughter and I went to see the new Peanuts movie, and boy, could I relate to Charlie Brown. Great movie, with a great message, honestly. And a reminder that it's not about what we can do or can't do, it's about character. Snoopy is my favorite, but I am for sure like Charlie Brown.


  1. Agreed! Skinnies are the BOMB! Yay!

  2. I love Lindor Chocolate and Camp fires.