Friday, August 14, 2015

The Little Moments

It's the little things that bring the smiles through the week...

1. Falling asleep in the hammock
 2. Soaking in the sun at the lunch hour.
  3. A great morning run.
   4. Fog rising off the pond in the early morning
5. Finding mom's written words, like having a new conversation with her.
 6. Laughing with the "band of brothers"
   7. Finishing a project
    8. Finding classic old books with my great grandmother's handwriting inside it
      9. Starting a new project (I guess I should just admit I am a project kind of person)
10. Saying no and watching someone fall over at the verbalized word. (you really had to be there, but saying no is a new practice for me, and while it was over something completely silly, and almost a joke, it brought a good laugh, a good practice for me)
   11. Steam rising off my cup of coffee
12. Adult like conversations with my kids
  13. Entering a new phase of parenthood, a whole new challenge, but a lot of new experiences
     14. Sharing laughs with my dad and brother

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