Thursday, August 13, 2015

A smile goes a long way

"Be the reason someone smiles today."

 I love that quote. We all have a million reasons we could smile every day. Did you know it takes more muscles to frown than to smile? Yet somehow (myself included at times) smiling doesn't come as easily as it should, because we are caught up in the worries of life.

 I have found that I often times have very little advice to offer to my friends in difficult times, but I can offer a smile, and a smile goes further than words most times. A smile offers a safe place for people to know "it's all good" . A smile is contagious. A smile speaks volumes of a person's heart and a persons thoughts.
 I don't have strong area of expertise that can solve or fix work issues, but I can offer smiles.

 My mom's legacy is always in the back of my mind, but this week, as I cleaned out some of her old papers in a dresser that was falling apart, I found new pieces of her legacy. I found mom's written words, words I had never read. I remembered my mom's smile through the words.  I believe that sometimes God orchestrates when we find things, because we need little reminders at times. The words my mom penned years ago that I found this week were special.  I miss conversations with my mom, and as I sat and read her writings, it was like she was sitting across from me and I could hear her voice again.  So, I close with these words:
   1. Be the reason someone smiles today. Trust me, it will make a lasting impact. and
 2. I want to share a poem I found written by my mom many years ago; one I had never read, but one that rings true of how my mom lived her life, and rings true of how we can live ours, too.

 A Smile, By Linda Ferguson

It's a language all of its own,
Not a word has to be said.
It's as if the sun has always shone,
and never gone to bed.
It should be a part of every land,
eery woman, child or man.
It can make a friend of an enemy,
It should be present for all to see.
It can change unhappiness into joy, 
It always gladdens, never annoys.
It'll stretch your blessings out a mile,
So start your day with a smile!

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