Friday, March 27, 2015

The Little Moments

I have had an awesome week.
 It's been super full of busy events, but all of which are events I love doing.
And it continues to be busy through Saturday.
  But it's weeks like these where I can pause and remember how lucky I am. It's weeks like these that I don't take for granted. When you experience some bad days, or bad weeks. when the good ones come along, they  are so much more appreciated.
 It's like the saying, you don't appreciate the sunshine until all you've seen is rain.
  So, here are some of my little moments from the week....

-Singing along to the radio loudly and then laughing our heads silly like school girls with my friend, Lisa.
  - A good conversation with an old friend.
     - Talking to hundreds of runners at an expo about my passion and my favorite race, the Air Force Marathon.  I thrive in that environment. It energizes me. It's my zone.
 -Getting away for a couple of days in a different environment, which is hilly and beautiful.  (I cannot wait to run the course, even if the hills are slightly intimidating)
    - Telling jokes so dumb not a single other person would laugh, but it's okay, because I laughed so hard by the end of the day I was exhausted. Laughter truly is the best medicine, in case you were wondering.
     - Learning all new aspects about my body/nutrition/running. This week, I had the privilege to make a new friend and take him around as our guest speaker to all kinds of training clinics on behalf of the Air Force Marathon. Not only do I love doing that because I was able to promote our event and talk to runners (there may be a theme here that people really energize me!) But I learned many new facts and important details from Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, our chief medical consultant. And quite honestly, he inspired me.
    - Finding a peaceful contentment. There is nothing that can replace those moments where I breathe easily and just enjoy the moment.
  -Meeting a new friend, Penny, who, along with Lisa, made me laugh hysterically.
        - Getting a "yes" from retired General Reno, a very godly  man, who will open up the Linda A. Ferguson Memorial 5K in prayer and be my awards guest as well. And not only that, but I had no idea that when I asked him, he and my dad actually knew each other! So then to hear dad's stories of General Reno. A very cool tie to our event, about which I am super excited.

 I believe there are more details from the week, but it has been a blessing week for me, full of good moments. I hope yours has been as well.... One day, one moment at a time. Even in the bad days, there are good moments tucked in there, too.... Just look
   God is good. All the time.

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