Friday, March 13, 2015

The Little Moments

As the week wraps up yet again, and time continues to march on, those little moments become more and more essential to bringing smiles to life. Chaos exists all around us, demands shout for our attention, people can be draining at times, and well, quite frankly, life can offer times of tailspin confusing and frustrating moments.
  But, as the picture above shows a beautiful and quiet moment captured in time, so can the little moments each day be a moment captured in time, to lend smile and encouragement on those rather chaotic days. I have begun to learn the art of being still. I am absolutely awful at this. I enjoy being busy, having projects, and being surrounded by people. But in the stillness, I can better understand the lessons I am learning and I can more appreciate what those lessons mean. Those little things... they truly become the big things; the things that matter. So... Here are some of my "little things" from the last week.

 - The first signs of spring are around, and while it's definitely still chilly, the promise of warm days to come has provided a small burst of energy for my soul. The sun is out, the snow is finally melting, and the birds are returning. 
    - Over the last weekend, my family was together for the first time in 4 years, to celebrate my dad's birthday. It felt so good to laugh, to hug, to recall old memories and to hear some stories told that had never before been shared, as well as make new memories. Those memories made in those moments will sit with me for a lifetime. 
   - A sister in law who is such a fun friend as well. We started as baristas together back in the day at Starbucks, and we kidded then that we were sisters, but then she and my brother married and we truly became sisters. She's pretty awesome. 

     - A person unexpected who says nothing but "I'm praying for you."  No words of advice, no probing, no expectations or judgements. Just the simple words "I'm praying for you." 
         - Having my nephew around for a weekend. At one and a half, he is on the go. I loved giving Bekah a small break and changing him and putting him down for a nap and learning some of his antics. 
  - Being a people person, and energized by others around me, friendships are a very important part of my life. I am grateful this week, as much as any week, for a best friend who knows me better than I know myself and can simply say "You don't have to pretend or be a certain way with me." Again, a simple statement that goes miles and speaks volumes to my soul. 
     - Jumping on the trampoline with my son. Man, it felt good to be outside, it felt good to jump and be free like a child, it felt good to laugh, and it felt good to share a new moment with my son. 
        - Swapping books with my daughter. My mom used to give me good books she'd read. Now, me and Elizabeth share books. We share the love of words (both in writing and in reading) just like my mom and I did. I love that Elizabeth and I swap books. 
   - My dad. He's one of my heroes in life. I am grateful for him. (He has no idea I captured this photo. There are pigs all over the house, because mom used to collect them. The kids were playing with this one and handed it to him, and he ended up holding onto it for a while. Just seemed an endearing photo...)
     - Growth. I am thankful we don't stay stagnant in life. Lessons can be hard at times, and other times they come more easily. But I am glad that life continues to teach and push me to be better. 
         - Journals. Occasionally, I come across some of my mom's old journals or writings, and I love learning new things about her through those. I am also glad I keep a journal because it helps me see how far I've come and reminds me of things God has taught me that sometimes I forget about. 
    - A new blogger friend, Amanda, a connection only God could have provided. I love finding these hidden jewels. This one came across my path in an unexpected way, but her journey is so similar to mine, I know it was a connection that God put there. 
    - Dreams. I am a dreamer. sometimes life clouds those dreams, but once they start pushing through me again, much like the flowers ready to bloom, beauty begins to shine through. It's just part of me, not meant to be stifled. 

   The little moments become the big ones... embrace them. One day at a time.

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  1. So honored to have connected with you, Rachael! KEEP DREAMING as God will use those dreams for His Glory! :)