Friday, March 6, 2015

The Little Moments

The saying has been said this week,  "March came in roaring like a lion" , with several inches of snow and a few more days of bitter cold. But, I am going to keep hanging on to Spring being just around the corner! (next week's forecast with 50s sounds like pure heaven after all this mess!) Spring is beginning to line up with busy days for me already, but, perhaps that can/will be a good thing.
 I have to continue to take a moment each day to reflect on the little moments through the day. When life gets busy, that becomes all the more important. I look forward to Fridays even, not just because it's Friday (TGIF, right?) but also because this is always a morning blog good for my heart to hold onto and end my work week.  Without further ado, here are some of my little moments from the week:
 - As a previous barista for years, I would see off and on a customer do a kind act by buying the drink for the person in front of them. I always loved those moments, where I got to deliver the news to the customer- 'your drink is taken care of today'. But this week, I was that person who was given that act of kindness. As I dug through my change purse, pulling out my nickels to pay for my drink,  the woman behind me, whom I did not know and probably never will, told the barista she was buying my drink. I smiled and nearly cried all at once. It was the kindest pick me up. You see, it's truly the little moments that matter....
  - Laughter is so good for the soul. I so LOVE to laugh. (who doesn't??) Yesterday, I laughed so hard with my friend over the dumbest things, that I had tears in my eyes and my sides hurt. To try to even explain why we were laughing would make no sense to anyone, but no matter, it felt great.
   - I had an unexpected visit from a childhood friend yesterday. The kind of friend who you can always just pick up with at any time.
       - my "little" brother, who stands many inches above me these days. It's wonderful to have a sibling who understands me, encourages me, and pushes me in the right way all the time, even if we only get to talk every now and then. It's helpful to have a brother who understands the military world I work in (far better than even I understand it) because he's lived it. And great to have a brother who supports me in all my endeavors. And just as exciting, who is coming in this weekend! That has been enough to lend me excitement for the entire week.
   -Surprises. I love them. I love to get a surprise, I suppose, but really, I love to give them the most. The planning and unfolding of it adds to good little moments for the week (more on this next week)
    - While my training has been shy of what I'd like it to be, I am very much looking forward to a new race on my horizon at the end of this month, which will run through the beautiful horse parks and areas of Kentucky. I not only get to run a new race, but I get to promote ours (Air Force Marathon) at the same time. Bonus for me :)
      -  God's provision. No matter what the circumstances, I love to see God provide. For my needs. For others' needs. When things seem most sparse, He always provides a way. I've watched this all my life, but every now and then there is a potent reminder of it again. I am grateful He meets all my needs.

    TGIF, my friends. May you enjoy all of your little moments, one day at a time.

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