Monday, July 7, 2014

Thoughts of Thankfulness

Funny how it works that when I don't have time to write, I have a million things thoughts I want to write down and share...
   And when I do have time, I sit in front of a blank screen trying to put my thoughts together and yet come up with nothing.
  But as I sat at my computer screen thinking this afternoon, what was really coming to my mind over and over I finally decided to write down, even if it seems quite random.
  And that is thoughts of thankfulness.
  Life has seasons for sure- I've talked about that. Some seasons are spring- great and pretty and full and wonderful. Other seasons are winter- dark and gloomy and really a time you just want to end.
  For me, I am in a spring season. And my heart feels full and I have many thoughts of thankfulness. So, with a moment of nothing profound to say, sharing my thoughts of thankfulness seemed appropriate. and perhaps it'll inspire you to think of things for which you are thankful for as well.
  1. A refreshing walk on my lunch break, to be finished off in the pouring rain. I actually  delighted  in  the smell and feel of the hard rain on my back for the last quarter mile. Taking walks on my lunch has become something I savor and enjoy.
2. A strong cup of coffee to follow that walk.
  3. My job. I cannot say enough how very much I love the job I have been given. The timing of it was perfect and it is quite clear to me I am where I am supposed to be. I am learning and growing and loving what I do. I feel like a kid on Christmas at being so lucky to have found this position here (Well, really, I believe God knew all along it was where I was supposed to be, and it was just a matter of the timing).
   4. Guitars. I don't play, but I enjoy listening to others do so. There is something soothing and so enjoyable about it. I love music. I especially enjoy guitar music.
 5. A good book. I've found time to read again :) And have thoroughly been enjoying the pleasure of a good  book.
   6. New friends. I'm a people person. I love learning about others and having long conversations (or even short ones). I enjoy being around people. I have discovered new friends lately. And have been able to re-bond with old ones, too. It makes me happy to have those moments.
     7. Mary. My new running buddy. Sometimes a season of running alone is necessary and good for the soul. I still enjoy my alone runs. But for a person like me, having a running buddy is also a big blessing. And Mary is that for me. A big blessing. She's younger, faster, thinner, and can go way longer than I can....but who cares? We don't.  :)
    8. Rain storms. Many of these have occurred lately, and I have enjoyed opening windows, listening to the calming sounds and the fresh smells of the rain, along with the cool summer breeze to go with it.
      9. Baking. I am not a chef (or a baker?) But I really enjoy taking the time to bake goodies from scratch. Often times with the kids alongside me. Not to mention I enjoy eating the goods as well. 
10. July. It's my favorite month. My siblings and I are all born in July so it is a time I have always enjoyed. I love July. We eat a lot of dessert and laugh often and remember much.
     11. Playing games. I really enjoy playing games. Of all sorts-card, board, physical games (like hide and seek...) and my son is my game player in my family. This weekend I taught him a new game and we laughed as we played and just had a good time.

  It's the simple things, really. And I have been enjoying rediscovering some of these very simple things again.
  Perhaps "Thoughts of Thankfulness" should become a regular post....
        Perhaps it might make you smile in the process or think about things for which you are thankful as well.
  One day, one thought, even, at a time.

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