Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A thankful Heart

Last week I did a post of things for which I was thankful. And I enjoyed that, so I found it good to keep going with that a bit each week. It makes me realize even more profoundly the good things and moments I have in life. And Makes me happy just to remember them and write them down. Some more simple, others more profound. So, week 2 of a thankful heart....

  - Sharing glimpses with my 10 year old son and laughing over the stupidest commercials on TV that no one else understands why we are laughing, which makes us laugh harder.
  - Laughing hysterically with Lisa over a random comment thrown into the conversation that made no sense unless you were following our chat. That belly laugh felt wonderful.

 - I am all about heat, but I will say I have enjoyed 2 very rare cool July days this week

 -Shopping for books with my 12 year old daughter and having a very grown up mother/daughter moment . Motherhood is shifting.

- Baking a perfect cake on my first try.

- Talking to runners all day. It makes me smile. Even when the conversation is the same with each person, I don't get tired of it.

- Squishy Nike flip flops. A perfect fitting running shoe. Michael has always been the shoe junkie of the family but I may be inching my way there.

-A random text in the middle of the day that lets me know I'm thought of.

- Photos. I love to look back at old photos and remember. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. I must agree.

 Lastly: see below.

Who says Ohio can't be or isn't beautiful? My morning runs are becoming moments where I look at my watch far less and look at the scenery far more. Some of the sunrises are breathtaking.

  Just a few of the moments or things which have brought smiles in recent days....

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