Saturday, July 5, 2014

Here's Your Sign, Superwoman

Sometimes I pretend I'm superwoman
  Come know you do it, too. Maybe just in a different fashion .
 I decide it's a great idea to increase my mileage in runs at a ridiculous percentage instead of being smart with it.
   Then I put on my supermom cape and try to help my 11 year old (pre teenage in all fashion) daughter conquer her emotional world.
      Throw some laundry on and pack a lunch and make breakfast all before even stepping out the door for work.
   As the day goes along, at work, I conquer projects and process new information and love that, all the while my mind turns over crazy ideas for dreams I have for the 5K/scholarship and life in general, so when I get home, I then spin my superwoman web of ideas for anyone who will listen.
  Play with the kids, fold the laundry, so on and so forth.
 The list could go on, but that's really not the point of my writing.
  The point is sometimes I think I'm superwoman. And then I get knocked over the head with the "here's your sign" kind of moment.

      Savor the moments.
It's ok not to be the fastest, longest distance runner out there. (Insert my cringe here, the competitive part of me wants to be that)
   Not one mom has ever conquered all their pre teenage daughters emotions. In fact, it is part of their process to learn to do it themselves.
    And it's okay if laundry sits for a day.
Some things are just more important.
  Like soaking in the sun. Or getting a full nights sleep. Or having a good conversation on a long run with Mary instead of worrying about how many miles are being fit in. Or taking a walk at lunch, instead of sitting inside. Or swinging with the kids, jumping on the trampoline in the rain or seeing a movie with Michael.
   Sometimes those moments NEED to trump my superwoman ideas of what should be accomplished.
After all, in complete honesty, who is really going to remember if a shirt is washed, but will remember we jumped on the trampoline in the rain??
 But sometimes the "here's your sign" kind of moments (ahem, when sickness creeps in on me because I'm trying to be superwoman) remind me to slow down and savor the moments.
So I'm okay with trading in my superwoman cape for a while for a cup of coffee and a good memory being made.
   and if it takes being hit over the head occasionally to remember this, then I accept that. And hopefully will have to be knocked over the head less over the years as time goes along.
Really, being superwoman isn't found in all of those activities anyhow. It's found in the truest, quietest moments within. when those are found, then the real superwoman can shine through. But she has to slow down to discover that.
    Here's your sign, superwoman. Slow down. It's really quite beautiful.

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