Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vacation Bliss

We are halfway through our vacation and I must share some highlights, otherwise the end blog will be far too long to hold any interest.
  Today our pale skin, which has been hidden beneath winter clothing for months, was kissed by the sun and blown by the wind.
 Today we ventured out on a four person four wheeler for the day. We entered new territory and explored the outdoors in all new ways. We sped down dirt roads, jumped over little mountains, rolled quickly over sand dunes and explored the meadows of southwest Utah.
  Many moments were breathtaking with the beauty surrounding us.
 Some other moments were frightening as we hit dead ends on cliffs.
   But most of all, ALL of the moments were memorable. Moments captured in time as a family unit. We hit pause on all the life complexities and laughed our way through the day.  A day worth remembering forever.
    Other highlights thus far in our week:
-Hiking the trail and a family of 5 deer walking right in front of us
-Walking hand in hand with my 9 year old son (Something I know will end before i care to admit; but while those moments are here, they are precious to me and worth capturing forever)
   - My 11 year old daughter discovering what a "selfie" means and trying so hard to figure it out
-Singing classic rock songs with Michael as loud as we could as we drove down I-15
   -My nephew's precious laugh
-Joseph and I walking off the beaten path and climbing high up the mountain
   -Finding local hole in the wall coffee shops
-Family rebuild time
     -New stupid family inside jokes that no one else would possibly get but causes us to laugh in silly ways
  - God's breathtaking creation. I do not tire of these mountains at all.
 -Being with my sister in law on her birthday
      -Eating at a local diner connected to a livestock chute and selling yard. But The food is delicious!
-A waterfall hike
    -Sun on our skin and wind on our faces
-Oh, how could I forget to mention that our 3 hour drive from the airport to my brother's took 6 hours because of a cattle/land dispute happening between a rancher in Nevada and the Federal Government. We saw snipers and SWAT and cops everywhere and protest signs and....sat in traffic forever because the interstate was shut down. A bit crazy and quite educational!
  -Feeling proud of my brother as he received his private pilot license this week after being grueled for hours by the FAA
     -Good talks/hand in hand moments with my husband

The list goes on and on, but I had to sit down and share a few before the days passed by any further. Pictures will be to come in the very near future. Until then, we will continue to enjoy the last days of our precious family time. One moment at a time.

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  1. I am glad you are having such a good time. Family time is so important. I hope you take pictures to post when you get back! Thanks for sharing!