Saturday, April 19, 2014

Vacation Bliss Part 2

Today our vacation bliss is ending. Although it closes tomorrow on our flight home, we will carry these memories forever and into the days to come and allow them to continue to bring us joy.
  We have continued to enjoy many moments over the last few days of building family joy. The jagged mountains and deep canyons of Utah speak loudly for themselves as the colors speak volumes of God's gorgeous creation. I could easily get lost in the beauty of Utah. Here are a few more highlights
  -Shopping downtown Cedar City and experiencing their local food. Although the town is small, the shops were quaint and fun
 -Again, I say that the local coffee shops were a good time for me. Partially because I love coffee; partially because I work in the coffee industry. I am even bringing back an idea as a new weekly special when I return. I'm excited!
 - Date night with Michael. Bekah kept the kids for us one night and while they stayed up as late as they wanted with her, we enjoyed a quiet evening together.
 - The best bacon we have ever eaten
 - A "fancy" dinner out on Friday night. I enjoyed duck, something you don't find every day.
 - Playing at the park with the kids. While our nephew experienced his first time at a playground (6 months old), Bekah and I  enjoyed swinging high with the kids and Tim and I enjoyed a silly sibling climbing competition of sorts on a giant spider web, while Michael enjoyed watching and taking pictures. All the while we were all laughing
 -An evening walk with the family, mountains stretched out for miles ahead of us and Nathan falling asleep in my arms.
 - Saturday was spent the day in Las Vegas, as that is our return flight destination city, so we decided to spend the day there. While this can be quite a risk with the kids in tow, we spent the majority of the time there in the day time.  We saw the big city hotels, browsed a mile long mall, did a little bit of our own souvenir shopping, rode a tour around the city and learned quite a bit of its history and ate the best burgers we've ever had at Gordon Ramsey's Burger restaurant. We will soon be ending the day with a night time visit to the Bellagio Fountains, which we are anxious to see in all the beauty it beholds. (While being careful to avoid the risqué parts of the town).
  The sun is hot here but feels amazing on our winterized bodies. To be in a sun dress and flip flops is pure bliss and smiles for me :)
     This has been the best family vacation we have ever had. And in the midst of this time, I have discovered some great things about myself as well as experiencing new family moments. The least of which is to say I am totally an outdoors girl and not a city girl. I probably already knew that, but the contrast between being in Vegas and being in the mountains brought that truth into an even greater light.
   Tomorrow is Easter and our vacation will close with us traveling on the day of our Lord's resurrection. While we hate to miss out on being in church,it is not lost on us what the day is, and we will celebrate in our own way as we travel. The picture of what Jesus did for us on the cross holds an even greater significance for me each year, but this year the beauty of His grace stands out in all new ways and triumphs in our lives. And I am forever grateful for His sacrifice He made for me so I can be called His. Forever. Grace is so beautiful.
   So, vacation bliss comes to an end, but the beauty of our family life takes on a new life of its own. And Easter falls on a day we travel, but His grace is not lost on us by any means. In fact, I'd say after this week together and a week basking in His creation, Easter is more potent than it has ever been to me.
 Pictures soon to come....
   Happy Easter. The Lord is Risen! Celebrate!

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