Monday, February 3, 2014

"Push Through the Block"

   I've kind of had a writers block of sorts the last few days as I thought about what I wanted to share. I started something, but scratched it because it wasn't really what was on my heart. And honestly, this  particular blog was one I hadn't planned on writing, but it's what kept coming back to me, so I suppose it's the "push through the block" post, if you will, hence today's title.

      January has come and gone already. Where is the time going???
  Most people spend January pursuing new goals or being excited about fresh starts. After all, it's a new start of a new year, right? But as January fades into February, many times those goals and that excitement go by the wayside.
 I have learned to look at resolutions in all new perspective for my own life. When a new year begins, i don't really set new resolutions. I don't think it has to be a new year to do that. I do, however, evaluate and try to figure out what I can do differently or how I might want an area of life to change. But starting in 2013, I took January to really do that. Instead of jumping into it on January 1, I take the month to reflect, pray and see where I might want to head through the new year. Goals and changes can honestly be made any time.
  Today is February 3, and it's difficult to believe that the year is trotting along that quickly already.
  So where do you stand with your "new year resolutions?" How are they coming along?
As much as I wanted January to be full of peace and quiet, the month took on its own chaos. Then again, that's what real life is.
 We can set all the goals and plans and ideas we want, but when it boils down to the nitty gritty, often times we don't have a say.
 We can't control how other people will act, sometimes changing the outlook of a given situation.
     We aren't in charge of time or sicknesses or  even financial disasters.
We certainly have no control over the weather, temperatures or forecasts.
What I can control is how I respond to those around me, which may not change the situation itself but it can change my heart's response as well.
  I can choose to make the most of whatever means I have; be it how I use my time every day, how I handle the illnesses that come to those I love around me, or how I use the most of the money God has given me in all situations.
        I can choose to appreciate the seasons rather than complain about what is not most desirable.

These choices are not always easy or even carried out every day. But that is also the beauty of not only a new year, but better yet, a new day. His mercies are new EVERY morning!

  So, in light of moving into February and the fact that January was more chaotic than I would've chosen, Here are some pieces I am choosing to work on as the year proceeds.
    ~ I've already shared my word for the year is "Pray", and that is an every day, every moment aspect I work on and learn and grow. I am a talker (in case you didn't know already ;) ) and what I am learning to do more of is rather than talk about whatever is bugging me or causing me worry, to stop and pray about it. (Duh, right?) It's not simple for me...but I am working on it. As I have chosen the word "pray" I am continually relearning lessons in my life about prayer.
~ Choose gratitude over attitude. (By the way, the more prayer is involved in my day, the more gratitude shows through as opposed to attitude)
~  Do my best to view myself and situations through God's eyes and not mine. My eyes require glasses. I don't see clearly and my view is often out of balance. God's vision is perfect. I have to ask for His eyes when mine are blurry.  This applies to my body image, my heart's responses, how I am as a wife, a mom, and employee and a woman. Seeing through His eyes will make a world of difference rather than looking through my own.

 Many other "goals" are incorporated into my year (like running a half marathon again after some time off... putting out more writings and things along those lines) but when I boil it down to the nitty gritty, the above statements are what will really make a difference in everything I do.
  Whether that is doing laundry,
     making coffee,
   helping with homework,
       wiping tears,
             cooking a meal,
        Cleaning up a mess
 or whatever I do....
It is all for the glory of the Lord. And that is a goal worthy of chasing. One day at a time. Not through my strength but through His.

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