Wednesday, February 5, 2014

coffee for your heart

Grab your cup of coffee because it is link up Wednesday, where I get the opportunity to meet up with Holley Gerth and friends.
  Today's topic is a bit tougher for me to write. Today Holley asked us to write words we want to hear when we are having a hard day.
  Yet, I have struggled all week as I have thought on this topic for what to say exactly.

I can easily hand out encouraging words to others; I love doing that! But receiving them is another story for me. I struggle when people give me praise because I don't like being the lime light. The funny part about that is that Words of Affirmation* happens to be my primary love language, so you'd think it would be something I'd eat up all the time any time they come my way. (*The Five Love Languages  by Gary Chapman.)  Don't get me wrong; I appreciate hearing all the good things. It's just hard to accept them sometimes, as I don't always believe them myself. So, this topic is a tough one for me to conquer.

 When I am having a hard day, it could be occurring for any number of reasons.
   I could be disagreeing with my spouse.
I could be annoyed as a mom.
     I could be irritated with a coworker.
 I could just be worn out and weary and feeling under appreciated.
 I could be missing my mom.
A hard day looks different each time, so the words I most want to hear sound different each time. and I hesitate to share those things because I don't want others to fill me up with words just because I am writing this blog.
  If I had to choose words I'd like to hear on a hard day, I would say that "I'm proud of you." goes a very long way for my heart.
        " I appreciate all that you do."
 "You're so unique and talented. Keep on pursuing what God has for you."
Those are all words that would carry me to keep on keeping on.

 But quite honestly, I believe what I most want on a long, hard, discouraging day is unspeakable. And that is a hug.
 Yes, a hug, and a listening ear.

  Not a person to tell me how good I am (or am not).
     Not someone to fix it all with a know it all attitude.
       Not even the type of words that would flow so easily were I complaining about a given situation (i.e.-oh, but you're so beautiful; oh, but you do such a good job! etc...)

A hug goes a very long way in communicating what words cannot.
  A hug says I love you and I"m here for you no matter what more than any word could.
    A hug allows permission for tears to flow or for no words to be said.
A hug says more than a thousand words most of the time.

 So, if you asked me what I most wanted to hear on a hard day, I'd say in general, not much. I really just want to know I have a friend there for me with a giant hug, willing to listen, but also willing to just sit in silence if need be.

  Drop a comment and let me know what you'd most like to hear on a hard day, please. I'd love to know.


  1. Nothing is better for what ails you than a hug. (((HUGS)))

  2. Good words to live by. I'll remember that when I see you might be having a tough day. :)