Friday, February 7, 2014

Not even close to an Olympian....and that's Ok.

Today is the kick off for the Olympics! I always get very excited to watch the Olympics; I don't even care if it is a sport I like or not.
 I love to watch the plethora of athletes and all their abilities. I enjoy hearing the life stories of all they overcome to be there in that moment. I love the different cultures all coming together in the name of a sport. I may have a side project going while I have the Olympics on, but the next couple of  weeks, I will be following the different athletes and the games.
  I have thought of this in relation to my running lately. The Olympic athletes spend months (well, years more likely) training for their event. They have time obstacles, tragedies, physical challenges and prioritizing choices to overcome on their journey to arrive at the "big games".    While I may not have any goal to be in the big games myself, in my training journey I have some of those same obstacles to overcome.
  This week, I battled sinus infection, causing me to choose to rest and recoup in order that I could be my best for the rest of my life duties. Taking a week off from running and strength training is always a battle for me, knowing it's best to rest but not wanting to give that up for a time.
    Some weeks I battle time obstacles. The more miles I need to put in for longer runs, the harder my time constraints become. I can only get up so early so many days a week....or can I? Is that a mind over matter issue or is that a prioritizing issue? I have to hash through the pros and cons of what that will play out in the rest of my day.
  This winter has presented many  challenges to the training because of the outdoor elements.  The gym only opens so early, I can only run so fast, so on those days, time is limited.
        I have choices to make all day long that will in some way affect my running/training. I can choose fruit or I can choose a cookie. I could choose soda or I could choose water. I could choose sleep or I could choose getting up. I could choose time with my family or time out on a run. Are there compromises to all these things? Sure. But these are some of the processes I go through when I am in training.
   The Olympic athletes face the same choices and obstacles along their journey. They just have a bigger goal in mind. Me, I'm just out to accomplish personal goals. Them? They are out there for the gold. They are the best of the best out there. Me? I'm just out to be my best. If I"m in last place, that's ok with me. I'm still doing something I love and achieving an end goal on which I set my sights.
    I have people say to me over and over "But I'm not a runner." "I could never do that!" "I just don't have it in me." and statements along those lines all day long. Trust me, I used to say the same things.  I may not be an Olympic athlete(Um, I'm not even sure I fall into the athlete title) but that's fine with me.  I will say to you, if I can do it, you can too!
 One foot in front of the other, one choice at a time, mind over matter, and goals set in day at a time.


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