Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fresh Beginnings and Prayer

I love fresh beginnings.
 New days.
   New years.
     New weeks.
      New goals.
   Lamentations 3:22 says His mercies are new every morning.
  Every day is a fresh beginning.

 My blog is titled "One day at a Time". That was  a lesson I did not really learn or embrace until I watched mom in her last days. The phrase one day at a time means something different to each person. But for me, I remember clearly I was sitting by mom's bedside, worrying about if that would be my last moment with her. In that moment, I also realized that by worrying if it was the last one, I was missing out on the fact that I still had her. I began to look at time and life and circumstances a bit differently. One day at a time. Every day fresh. New mercies. New beginnings. New ways to see God. New ways to live out a day. Fresh.
  Mom taught me about the importance of one day at a time; enjoying what is happening now- today- because if I am busy worrying about the next day, I am missing out on joy in the moment.

 If one day is a bad one, I wake up the next day reminding myself that His mercies are new every morning. A new day.

 We have just begun a new year. I haven't set out resolutions, per say, but I will share a couple thoughts as the year launches.
    Last year, I chose the word "diligent" to define the year. I wasn't going to choose another word this year, but upon a conversation with a friend, I decided to do so. My word for this year is "Pray"
  And it has become clear that it is the right choice, as since choosing this word, the messages at church have revolved around prayer. And, having no idea that this idea would be laid on my heart, I had asked for a book about prayer for Christmas, and just finished this book. leaving me even more excited about shaping my year around the word "Pray".
  I have seen great results when I take the time to pray, and this year, I'd like to be more defined by that.
   Having a bad day? I can't change it always, but I can pray, which changes me.
A fight with my spouse or a hard day with the kids? Pray. I can't change the moment per say, but I can change my attitude with prayer.
    Don't know what to do next? Worrying? So elated but no one around to share it with??? Pray.

Prayer applies to everything, everywhere, all the time. God is always there. And prayer changes. Not always in the way we anticipate, but it will bring a change.
  Prayer changes the person doing the praying.
  I don't think this will come as easily as it sounds, but it is my goal to define my year with prayer. In every aspect. Feel free to ask me about it any time….and hold me accountable :)

 This year you may see my blog take on a new life in some aspects.
   By prompting from Holley Gerth (, a fellow blogger and fantastic author, I will participate once a week in a series called Coffee for Your Heart (could the title be more appropriate?? Not only do I love coffee and work with coffee every day, but I love having coffee with friends; hence the idea she is presenting. It's kind of like you will be having coffee with me for a day). It's a prompted writing each week, but it's my own words and thoughts and ideas, only many other bloggers will take place in it, too. You'll find me writing in Coffee for Your Heart on Wednesdays.
   I will do my best to a couple times a month write about what the word Pray is doing for me/teaching me as the time goes along. I have no  doubt I will see and experience and feel new things through prayer that I hope can encourage and inspire you, too.
   I will write each week about running in some aspect. Perhaps it'll be funny; perhaps inspirational; perhaps something that comes to my mind while running.
  So, whether you asked for it or not, you'll be hearing more from me this year….and I am very excited to bring you these blogs, one post, one day at a time.
     So as we launch into what most will look at as a new beginning (the new year) I want to remind you that it's not always about a new year….each day is a new, fresh beginning. What will you do with your fresh day?

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