Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Birthday Cup of Coffee

Today would be my mom's 65th birthday.

 I miss her dearly. 
  If she were here today, we'd likely sit over our cups of coffee, play a game, and laugh hysterically. Perhaps we'd even cry a little( because of laughing so hard, though).  There would be much encouragement to go with our warm cups of caffeine. 
   But today she gets to celebrate with Jesus in heaven. I'd venture to say that birthdays are not really celebrated there, but I won't know until I meet up with her again one day. 
   Until then, I will pretend she is having her coffee,too, and I will toast to her and chat here with you as  if she were sitting with me. 

     Just a few thoughts I've had over a few days' time. These are things which stuck out to me in newfound ways over the course of events this week. These are things for which I felt a great amount of gratitude. Some are simple. Some are larger.

   ~My dad.He's so courageous, so strong, so silly, so stubborn and such an example of love, determination, dedication, and a heart like Jesus. 
     ~ An SUV that navigates well through the snow. It makes it so I really don't mind driving in the weather, especially when the snow comes in unexpectedly.  
       ~ A beautiful snow fall. Large flakes, each one unique in its own way.
      ~ Good health. 
~ Successful surgery for my loved one, and the ability to be near by for it. 
   ~ Coffee. In so many ways, I always find a gratitude of coffee. For it's warmth and comfort. For the caffeine. And for the smile it brings as it touches my lips and goes down perfectly. I really enjoy my coffee. 
    ~ Laughter. A solid belly laugh over the dumbest thing that only siblings can share because we understand each other without even using words. I LOVE to laugh! 
      ~ Memories. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A memory is as well, I'd say. Often times it's hard to capture a memory into a blog post or even a journal entry. I have hundreds of good memories of my mom and of my childhood days.

Those are just a few thoughts I'd share with mom today. Thoughts I get to let you in on this time :) 
       So, Happy Birthday, Mom! This cup's for you…in one of your favorite mugs, even. (Mom collected pigs, so don't be startled by the silliness of the saying on it). 

(if you'd like to see a video of mom's life and learn more about the scholarship we have in memory of her funded through a 5K every fall, you can find it at


  1. I share your pain. My dear husband passed two days after Christmas and his birthday will be on the 23rd. He would have been 50. (((HUGS)))

    1. @ FoFo- I am so sorry to hear that. It's always difficult, just different, each year. Hugs back to you!!

  2. Great post Rachael. I'm also thankful for coffee. It's one of the pleasures in my life I often feel guilty about because it brings me such joy! I'm sorry for your loss (yours too Fo-Fo). Hugs to both.