Sunday, September 22, 2013

Open Eyes

"God is at work all around you"
 That is the statement that has stuck out to me today. And as I have been dwelling on that, my eyes are more open in so many aspects as to how that is true.

 He is in the brand new friendship He's given me in an already dear friend.
   He is in the kind words of customers .
    He is in the crisp, cool morning runs.
      He is in the warm cups of coffee I get to make over and over all day.
         He is in my husband's hugs and my children's laughter.
            He is in every single registration that files in for the 5K in memory of mom.
       He is even in my tears and my hurts.

I only need to open my eyes.

It's so easy to become consumed with daily details, bad news, ugly comments, disappointing people and frustrating circumstances.
  Yet I will be the first to say that lately, I have seen God with totally new eyes. I just had to ask. And OPEN them (both heart and eyes) see what He is doing.

  When this happens, the above details become  :
      Daily blessings,
          growth opportunities
             moments to extend grace
                chances to see people in His eyes
                     and times to deepen my prayers and walk with Him....

And He is faithful . He is ALWAYS working in and around me. I just have to have open eyes.


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