Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Becoming grateful, #5

Here are just a handful of things for which I have thanked God for over the last week:
  1. My best friend ever, Karen. She got to come in last weekend and it was so wonderful to have her here!
 2. A new church. We have decided to try to find a new church home, and we've been visiting one now for the past 2 months. Last week the kids attended vacation bible school there and absolutely loved it. It was really neat to hear them coming home tellings us stories about what they'd learned. And the friend they made.
 3. Cards. It's the little things that make a big difference to me, but cards is one of them. I never get tired of them. Writing them or receiving them. I got some really nice ones for my birthday, and I smile when I read them.
 4. Coffee. I love coffee. Yes, it's my job. But I love it all around. It's one of my "comfort" foods. I love having a cup with a friend. I love having it in the morning. It helps me when I'm tired, and I enjoy it when I'm having a bad day, too. It's just something that is simple but I really enjoy. I've been doing coffee work now for 5 years and I don't think I'll ever get tired of drinking it.
 5. Laughter. The sound of it. How I feel when I have a really hard belly laugh. I love to laugh and I am trying to do it more. Laughter really is the best medicine.
 6. Speaking of medicine, I'm grateful for that, too. It cleared up my son's horrible reaction to poison ivy last week.
 7. Cake. It's not something in which I indulge often, but I really did on my birthday. I love cake.

One day, one small thing at a time, I am learning to be more grateful. As hard as it really can be sometimes, I do get to choose how I react. And I am striving to be more grateful.

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