Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Colombia #8 The Clinic

Life has hindered sharing these posts a little lately, but Today I share with you about the clinic in Brisas del Mar.

 This clinic is beautiful. It was the first project that teams worked on constructing in the village and it has become a great blessing to Colombia. The clinic does not charge its patients. It's fully funded by the church. The staff are staff of the church. We had the privilege to take medical supplies in to the clinic once again. Kettering Health Medical Center is to thank for this, as they run a ministry with a warehouse full of extra supplies for missions groups to take. We took 8 suitcases full of things for the clinic. I am humbled watching the team there open what we bring and listen to them discuss and laugh and have joy and tears over this simple act of supplies we take for granted.

 Yuleida is the clinic administrator. She lives in Medellín and works for the church, but she oversees all the needs of the clinic. She does all of their inventories and she keeps track of all the records and she does a wonderful job.  I am sure I do not know the half of what she does there. It's a big job. I first met Yuleida last year on my trip to Brisas. We became friends and she has become a part of my encouraging group through the year. She has such a tender heart, so much love for what she does and for the people in Brisas. I feel so blessed that I am able to speak the language and talk with her not just while I am in the village, but during the year.

Doctora Jennifer arrived just one day before we did. She is a beautiful young woman, and happy to serve with her gifts of knowing medicine. I have been asked several times if she is actually a doctor, and the answer to that is yes. She has studied to become a doctor. She comes from the city of Cartagena, but her love for the people, Brisas, helping and the Lord are evident.

While we were there, for one of the first times, a gynecologist came in from the city. Those type of needs are one of the higher on the list in the village, and while a doctor can attend to them, a specialist can make a different type of impact with his expertise. We did not spend much time with him and his assistant, so I neglect to remember their names, but they were as much a part of touching me as the rest of the clinic staff. These two didn't have to come this "forgotten" village, but they did. And I was humbled as they asked me about why we came, why we wanted to be in this little village all the way from the United States. I enjoyed a brief conversation with them before they left and while I may never cross paths with them again in life, they are part of the Colombian experience this time there.

Piedad became a friend. Piedad came with my Tía from the city of Barranquilla. Piedad is an orthodontist. This was also her first time in the village. I enjoyed talking with her in her few days there. We brought with us 300 toothbrushes and toothpastes, and I was amazed watching Piedad teach the kids in Brisas and in the neighboring village of Alto de Julio how to brush their teeth. Something we take for granted so much they were learning to do properly and very likely holding what could have been their very first toothbrush. We take so much for granted here. And I find it humbling and beautiful to be reminded of that.

Tia, me, Piedad

 The clinic is not our project when we go, but I feel a part of it as we take supplies and spend time with the staff. The latest project the clinic is working on is raising money for an ultrasound machine. As I said, that is an area of the village that needs extra attention.
 I was humbled with Yuleida opened the suitcases full of supplies, with tears, and tells us, "These supplies are better than what the city hospitals have." Kettering Health Network, here in Dayton, OH has become more of a blessing to Brisas del Mar and the clinic more than they can ever know, as they supply these items for the clinic at no cost to us. So many extensions of people go into that village that the Lord sees but they don't even know how much they are touching and affecting lives.

 Time is hindering my posts a little, and some may be tiring of hearing about the trip. But it just is such an extension of me, I have to share. I will tell you about the feeding program next, and a really cool opportunity I got to be a part of with that on this trip.

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