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Colombia #12- Yuleida and Tía and the Clinic Staff

I shared in Post #4 about the clinic in Brisas del Mar.
 The clinic was built and finished by teams similar to ours not too many years ago. The staff rotates a little bit, and I want to share with you about the the beautiful women there who make up the heart of the clinic.
Yuleida is the head administrator. She lives in Medellín  part of the time and goes to Brisas each month to help oversee the clinic. She's beautiful- both inside and out! She is married and has a daughter. I absolutely loved talking with Yuleida. She was so patient with me when I didn't understand a word or when I had to use a gigantically long sentence to explain one simple thing. She taught me new words and she always had a hug for me. We shared several laughs in conversation over various aspects of life, but honestly, we shared just as many tears. On a few occasions we were next to each other during a time of quiet sharing in the group (evening debriefs) and we'd just squeeze hands, knowing we were feeling the same heartfelt emotions of gratitude and love.
Me and Yuleida
Yuleida in the clinic

Me and Yuleida

 On the first night of being there, we did not know each other too well yet. She approached me about the clinic supplies, and I really didn't want to take the credit for any of that. I wanted all that glory to go to God and to the team's efforts. However, I think that discussion began a beautiful friendship. I told her how I had prayed about this trip for months, and for medical supplies and how God opened the door to Kettering Health Network for supplies, and how He worked in amazing ways. I told her I had heard stories of the clinic, but had no idea the need that existed for the supplies, so as I filled suitcases, I just was doing so based off possible ideas from what I'd learned. And to watch her unpack those that morning we arrived was a moment I would never forget. I could not help the tears falling in that conversation. Because that is how God works. And now Yuleida is a great friend.
 Her expressions are animated and she is full of compassion and love. She's not in the center of attention ever, but she carries a quiet confidence to be admired. I am so thankful to call her friend.

 Tía is a beautiful woman. Her real name is Denis Cecilia Marquez Anguila, but she is  Paola's aunt, and on the first day there, I didn't know her name, I just knew she was Paola's aunt, so I took to calling her Tía (which is aunt in Spanish.) The first time I addressed her as that, she responded immediately to me, "Sí, sobrina?"  (yes, niece?) And that was it. We became family. She shared photos with me of all of her family and her home. Tía lives in Barranquilla and she is a nursing professor and a pastor. She teaches classes at the University. This week, she came to Brisas to help with the clinic and to teach the staff there classes, and even invited me in on it for a little bit. She was quiet, and often times in the background of what we were doing, but always there to offer encouragement and hugs. When I had a bad blister, she made sure it was taken care of, and when I aquired a nasty scratch on my left arm, she was concerned and check on it every day, making sure it was fine (and it really was. It looked way worse than it actually was.) 
 She  truly became an Aunt to me on this trip. I learned a little of her life story, and it's admirable to say the least. Another beautiful connection, someone else along this trip who really helped me learn to believe in me.
Tía teaching
Paula, Tía and Me

Yuleida, me, Tía

 Doctora Sol. She was quiet, but a servant. She was always willing to help out in any way, and always looking out for the best of our team's health as much as she was tending to the villagers. She is expecting her first baby! Sol lives in a different city, but works in Brisas during the weeks, and her husband comes to pick her up on Fridays. She is kind and generous and while we didn't get a huge amount of time together there because she was busy in the clinic, I really enjoyed being around her. She's been working there a year and half.(Sadly, I have no photos of her)

I can't leave out the other 2 of the staff, although I did not get to have a huge amount of interaction with them. Katherine, the nurse, and Sindy. These 2 young ladies do a huge amount for the village and the clinic. They served quietly, but we noticed.

Katherine, Sindy, Luz Maris

 Lastly, Luz Maris. The lady was quiet always, but she diligently cleaned everything with a smile. She kept the clinic spotless and she cleaned our rooms each day. She was so diligent in taking care of us that while we'd leave our beds kind of messy, we could come in after lunch and the sheets were retucked, our blankets were folded and our PJs were placed neatly on our pillows. I was amazed at this every day. She was quiet, and not a lady I got to know, but her service spoke volumes.
Luz Maris

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