Friday, October 16, 2015

The Little Moments

It's time to get back to the attitude of gratitude.
 I used to be very good at keeping up with notating all my "little moments" that added up to meaningful memories or highlights for me, but then life takes off and I lose sight of them.
 So, I'm striving (starting today) to get back to tracking all of those a little better.
  An attitude of gratitude makes the world of difference. Here are a few little moments this week... ways I saw God's love show up, or moments that made me smile, or times that would seem meaningless to one person but add up to much for me.

 1. A text from a friend who just seems to always know when I need to be asked if I'm OK and remind me of my confidence on days I struggle with it.
2. My friend Sharon asking if she can share my Colombia fundraising support letter with some others she knows. To me, it doesn't matter if those unknown to me donate to my cause or not. What matters to me is the prayer support, and the support that Sharon showed in reaching out to share my adventure with others.
   3. New friendships that come from meeting in some pretty crazy but cool ways - you guys know who you are! I am thankful for these new friends in my life. And the experiences we are sharing, even if miles apart.
     4. Traveling to a new city.
 5.  Lunch times and silly stories only best friends can tell.
   6. Hugs.
 7. Coffee. These crisp fall days are ones which I am grateful for a warm cup of coffee! And often times the camaraderie that comes with it.
   8. Do you believe in angels on earth? Like a person who just shows up out of nowhere that can offer the help needed?  I do. I experienced that this week. If the man in the construction hat had not come along when he did (seemingly out of nowhere, mind you) my heart may have leapt out of my chest ! But God sent this man along to so kindly help me out of a bind. I prayed. God sent. That's the only explanation to it. It did take a few minutes for the heart to settle down after that!
   9. The smell of fall. Crisp leaves, pumpkin, apple cider... all of that.
10. Hiking! I had Columbus Day off and spent a good portion of my day alone on the trails. So peaceful and relaxing.
   11... Remembering to be grateful. When a person tells you all about the bad things happening to them and they can smile about it all and be OK, it puts life back into perspective for me. An attitude of gratitude makes a difference.


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  1. Isn't it so amazing when we sit back and reflect on the little things and what a BIG difference they make? We're so lucky :)