Friday, September 5, 2014

The Little Moments

The Little Moments blog ....
   One of my favorite moments of the week to sit and recall the fun little things through the week that make me smile.
  - Fall colored daisies
   - Time at the lake
-Reading a great book and finishing it in 2 days
      - Writing. One of my favorite past times.
  - Family moments of playing go carts and laughing so hard over the crashes and the feel of the wind spinning through my hair and competing against one another for fun
    - Serenity and quietness of the lake
 - Warm weather (now that summer is "over" it's finally feeling like summer!)
      - My dad. Quiet in his own way, but always there for me.
  - running with my son. A time he has begun sharing about his day, all the while we are working towards a goal together
     - Friends who know me well and love me in spite of all my quirks and faults.
   - A rain run with Mary. Soaked to the bone. But one of my favorite kind of runs, with thunder rolling in the distance and rain falling on my skin.
    - Singing (or listening to other sing) songs I haven't heard since i was a child. Unexpected, but beautiful memories from that. Leading up to inspired moments.

  Find your little moments and hold onto them.

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