Monday, September 22, 2014

The Joys of My Job

As many of you will know, I launched into a new career this summer: working for the United States Air Force Marathon. Working there has been such an incredible experience already in just the short amount of time I've been part of the staff.
  Between a wonderful group of staff, to learning all new aspects of the race industry, to learning more about myself through the process, the job has been a gift from God.
 But, this weekend, on the 19th and 20th, the whole event unfolded. The details on which I have been working along with the staff unfolded in a beautiful fashion.
 To try to put into words how I felt in those moments is difficult. There were moments of tears of joy for me, as I stood, hand over heart, while the National anthem was sung, surrounded by military folks, proud to be part of the country, but part of the event just as much. I met so many runners and heard stories and helped with small issues and answered questions that by the end of the event, I feel like I'd made hundreds of new friends!
   One of the cool aspects of what I get to do as part of the staff there is to see a little bit of everything. Many people have absolutely no idea how much goes into the planning of an event for 15,000 runners. But my role on staff currently allows me to get a piece of each part of it.
 I learned how I can do my part better, some by mistakes I made and some just by doing and learning and asking. And while I am sure my friends with whom I had contact that day got sick of my saying it, I loved it so much, I could not stop smiling. I know without a doubt, that this job is a god given gift and I am in the right place for sure.
   I would be asked "Aren't your feet tired?"  "Are you doing ok?" "Are you stressed out?"
   To which my answers were always... "No, quite honestly, I am good. Feet are fine. "
" I have never been better....this is awesome"
   and "No, I am not stressed out at all...This is my zone."

Granted, my position is not one of the more stressed levels, but I believe when you are in a place of doing a job you love, while it will come with stresses, those are not the moments to which you cling.
   I left the day saying : Best. Day. Ever.  This is where I am supposed to be.
A job does not define who you are. I have learned that through the years. But, being in a job you love and finding the place you are meant to be does make a difference in life, no doubt.
  To find the right words to share how being a part of the unfolding of the marathon was for me is difficult because it's more than just an emotion of "This is awesome!"  Being part of it is a long time answered prayer, a joy that starts deep down and flows outward and a passion I've found I never expected.
  I wish everyone could love their job like I do mine.
  Tired after the event? Absolutely. But.... Happy? More than I have words to say.
 There is a strange emotion that comes when the event ends. Almost a sadness of sorts, even if a sigh of satisfaction as well. But how awesome is it to get to do this all year long?
   I feel lucky. And blessed.
Yes, cheesy, but sporting my Marathon proudly. Day 1 of the expo.

Expo, Day 1.

Me and Mary. 5 am. Race day. Mary and I have been running together for months, as she trained for the full marathon. Her first. 

Brenda. One of my favorite volunteers. Bless her heart. Here to volunteer at 4:30 am because that was the slot left and she wanted to help. 

 My UBC volunteer friends! Happy to pick up trash. Seriously, our event couldn't be done without all our volunteers. 

The finish line area. 

Kind of my "stomping grounds" of the day. The info tent . 

Lori, another of my favorite volunteers. Stayed later than her shift and downloaded the QR app on her phone so she could tell runners their times as they came to the tent to ask, but didn't have the app on their own phone. 
 And then there's Rick...our marketing coordinator. He did not like my taking this snapshot because I caught him sitting down, a rare moment for those of us on staff! The only time I saw him sitting that day, though. 

The end of the day, Lisa, our expo coordinator, and myself. A bit slap happy but Still smiling :) 

After Party at the Greene. Part of our staff. Lisa, myself, Jeanette (volunteer coordinator) 

Ending the day with the Air Force Band of Flight playing the Star Spangled Banner. 
Beautiful day.

I am blessed. 

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