Monday, May 27, 2013

Why Participate in the Linda A. Ferguson Memorial 5K?

Most of the time, I am writing from the depths of my heart and what God is teaching me, or I am telling stories about my wonderful mom. But, based off an ongoing joke that began with a few of my regular customers, I am creating this post:
   50 Reasons why to Run the Linda A. Ferguson Memorial 5K

Actually, we are going to make it 140 reasons, maybe. (140 days until the event, so one reason for each day) But we have to start with 50 for now.
  Kim, Jon, and Brittany always come down together to the shop, around the same time each day. Kim is a runner. Jon is not. Brittany said she will do the event if Jon will. The conversation started because Kim and I were talking about the event. And thus, we began this joke , so as to convince Jon and Brittany to do the event as well. And herein, this blog is born. So, some reasons are serious, others funny. Regardless, all are reasons why to come out and participate in the Linda A. Ferguson Memorial 5K.

1. It's great exercise!
2. You can make a new friend while you run/walk.
3. You can build a current relationship by doing this event together.
4. You get a shirt.
5. You are entered to win a huge fitness basket. Everyone gets a chance to win!
6. You are supporting a great cause, helping a student(s) in need.
7. By helping this student, he/she will in turn be able to help thousands of patients in years to come.
8.It's fun!
9. You help carry on my mom's legacy.
10. When you register, you further the scholarship amount, helping us reach our goal of 10,000$ this year.
11. You earn vitality points (If you work at CareSource)
12. You get a secondary tshirt from CareSource (if you work at CareSource)
13. Great music.
14. NCAA certified course
15. Beautiful course in the heart of Cedarville
16. If you've never been to Cedarville, you get to experience a unique, beautiful town
17. Experience your first 5K (for some anyway)
18. Check off a to do item off  your list (of completing a race)
19. Experience a family filled event.
20. Take part in a silent auction full of really neat items
21. Great snacks at the end, provided by our sponsors
22. Learn about some new companies, who sponsor our event
23. Burn calories
24. Help us grow our event, raising awareness
25. See my dad come out and walk/run this event! He is an inspiration himself. Who knew a farmer could do a 5K?
26. Support a secondary cause, which is Locks of Love. A few of our team members/participants will cut off their hair when we reach a certain dollar amount and donate their hair. Only by you registering can we reach this amount, which will cause them to donate their hair for those who need it.
27. Great goodie bag! Featuring new items this year.
28. What better way to start off your day than with exercise and friends?
29. It's a gorgeous time of year, fall leaves and farms being harvested all around the event.
30. Top 3 finishers get great prizes!
31. First 100 registrants get the dri fit tech shirts.
32. This event is not for my glory, mom's glory, or the student's glory, but all glory goes to God.
33. It fuels my passion to further the cause.
34. Makes you feel better.
35. Meet the 2013 recipient and understand why we do what we do.
36. At this event, it's a place to be you. No comparisons. No expectations. No pressure. Just you, having fun, helping out a great cause.
37. It's safe!
38. Fresh air!
39. Laughter and excitement.
40. Fun picture opportunities!
41. An excuse to buy new shoes.
42. You will get even healthier in the process of training.
43. A reason to buy new running clothes (Because we runners can always find reasons for that!)
44. A cool start and finish line this year.
45. You could be featured on our website!
46. You can understand why I talk about this endlessly!
47.  Coffee will be provided :)
48. All your buddies will be there!
49. It's fun!!!
50. It supports a great cause. (I know, we already said that, but hey, it IS the reason we do this event after all!)

Whew, so there you have it. 50 reasons to participate. I am not sure we will actually have 140 reasons, but there's a start anyway. If you want to register or donate, or want more information, feel free to email me, Rachael, at
Or check out our website at

the Ferguson Family

2013 Recipient with Race Director, Rachael McKinney and Roger Ferguson, widower of Linda A. Ferguson

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