Saturday, March 11, 2017


Time to share this week's little moments. Sorry if you get tired of this, but I do believe finding little things to make one smile every day is important. And possible. It's true some days are yucky and hard to find a positive, so when I share these, please know I am not being fake and saying life is all roses and sunshine. It's not.
 But... there is always something to find to smile about. And if I struggle to find it, I can look back and read these posts and remember, which in and of itself become something that makes me smile. That is why I write. To remember. (in part.) and that is why recording Life's Little Moments matters. So this week....

 1. Talking with my brother. He's younger than I am, but he retains everything he reads. Literally. And so sometimes it is hard for me to keep up with his intelligent conversations. It's difficult to find time to phone chat, especially with him living in a time zone 2 hours behind me and (me being the old woman I am) going to bed at 9 our time means connecting with him, a single father parent.... is a challenge. I digress. The point is.... we found time this week to talk. And it was so refreshing. I love my brother tons. And he is strong. And he encourages me. And he always gives me great book and podcast suggestions (which also comes from my older brother who has the same gift of retaining knowledge). The point is.... it made my day and part of my week to find time to connect with my brother. Also, he loves history and he is really good at that knowledge thing, and since I'm in a history class right now we got into a large discussion about it, which could have gone on for hours and was rather enlightening. Thankful for Tim.


 2. My dad. Happy 72 birthday to my dad! We enjoyed having him for dinner and dessert and time to play games (love to play games!) and watch a movie and laugh. My dad may not be a man full of deep conversations, but  he has taught me so much through life and I am so thankful for him. 

 3. My best friend, Paula.  We live an hour apart, but we work hard to find time for one another each month. I love when we get to meet and have coffee and talk for hours. So thankful for her friendship. She's such an amazing woman of God and a wonderful inspiration to me. I am thankful God brought her into my life (via Colombia). A few hours never seem enough. We laugh, we cry, we share. We drink coffee. I was super thankful for those few hours this weekend. 

 4. Colombia bracelets. I never used to be a bracelet person. But when I went to Colombia and had a life changing experience, I came home with a few bracelets on my wrist as gifts from people there and reminders for my time in their country and all God had done. Recently they broke :( Made me sad, but I knew I'd be returning in June and could get more. Well.... my best friend Paula happened to just have returned from there a couple weeks ago and wouldn't you know, she brought me some new ones. (unbeknownst to her that my old ones gave way.) She also brought me one that says "I am strong" A reminder of lessons I took in last year and still work to apply today. I love them. 

 5. Podcasts. I guess I'm a "grown up" now, because often times I choose to listen to a podcast rather than music. I still love my music, but I really enjoy gaining knowledge and listening to others teach or speak through podcasts. Does that make me Old? :) I don't think so... 

 6. 5K Planning. If you don't know, I host a 5K in memory of mom every year. This year we will be on May 13. But I picked up the mock-up of our medals for this year this week. I LOVE them! Here it is... and it makes me happy.
 If you want to learn more, you can check us out at Ferguson5K

 7. Theology. I really like to learn. My older brother has a wealth of theology knowledge since he went to seminary. I grew up Baptist and I understand what we learned and why and why I believe those things. What I don't always know or understand is why another denomination does something how or the way it does. Lent, for instance. That is obviously a big topic in society right now, and I've even blogged about it. But I don't always know the answers. I loved discussing with him and learning origins and reasons of  these things this week. 

 8. My pastor. I probably will say this often, but when I get excited about something.... I talk about it. I can't help it. And it is SO good to feel at home in a church. We have searched since we have lived here for a place to really call home. We had some temporary places. And they fit for our needs during certain times. But never felt "ours." Especially after we had an amazing home church in Florida. Restoration Park Church is our home. And I love it. And right now I am working closely with Pastor Randy and another lady on a Free Clothing event (featuring prom dress give aways!) for the community and I am so thankful for him. And his calling to RPC. It's a newer church, but evolved out of an established body. And I am so glad for having a place to call home.  

   We went from 65 degrees one day to 24 the next...but that's ok. There are plenty of things for which I can be thankful for (while I wait for that sun to come around and stick around!)

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