Friday, April 8, 2016

#The Little Moments

 too much time has passed, so it's time to write about the Little Moments again this week.... 

 Gratitude is often times very difficult to maintain. And in the chaos of life, as I have always said, it's impertinent to take time to recognize those things for which we are grateful. (Especially when it's April out side and snowing!!! Yuck! ) I've not done well with gratitude lately, so here we go. Let's recreate this habit.... again!

  1. When your very good friend gives you a gift just because she loves you. :) I was given the cutest coffee mug that tells me I'm loved, along with a painting she made for me! How unexpected and special! I smile as I drink from that mug at work every day. 

 2. I started a new workout class. TRX. I LOVE it! Oh, it's painful! And I'm terrible at the exercises. But every muscle in my body hurts, which is a good kind of hurt. It's great cross training. I feel healthy afterwards. And it's a new challenge. 

 3. We awarded mom's scholarship this week. I made a new "friend" and we were able to watch God bless another individual. THAT is what matters in life. 

 4. A few of my closest friends always remember I love Snoopy. This week I got a text 2 different days from 2 different friends that was the SAME picture! Hmmm... I suppose God is telling me something. I love when a friend tells me she is thinking of me. And when God speaks in the very same manner. It looked like this : 

5. I registered for classes for this summer. Yes, friends, I am going back to school. I am going to finally begin what I intended to do 15 years ago. Scary? Yes! But exciting, too. It will be a very long process.... but one day at a time, right?? 

 6. Healing. Life is painful. I love the peace that comes with a healed heart. A wound that heals and reveals a scar, but that scar tells His story, Because it's healed, not open and bleeding any longer. God's grace is absolutely amazing. And healing is beautiful. Even if painful some days. 

7. I will be the first to say I am not enjoying this weather. It's April and I am absolutely craving Spring and warmth and it's snowing! However, as my umbrella nearly snapped yesterday in the wind, I was reminded that we cannot appreciate the sun without the clouds, the warmth without the cold, the calm without the storm. And so as much as I am not excited about this current weather, I can choose to view it that way to the best of my ability.

 8. Listening to my kids' chatter in the backseat, laughing (and not fighting- a miracle sometimes with 2 teens!) and talking about the nerf war fight they just had at church. Those are the moments that matter.

 9. Music. I absolutely love music. It encourages me and inspires me. Current Favorites: Creeré by Tercer Cielo, Just be Held by Casting Crowns, Same Power by Jeremy Camp, Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw. 

 10. Bacon and Eggs. And avocados. Yum. I'm on a new kick and I'm enjoying it. :) 

 11. Time with my kids. They were sort of odd moments, but provided time carved out for conversation without all the electronics in front of us. I had Monday with Joseph, where we had a few hours while we were at an appointment, and we talked the whole time. I loved it. Then last night I had the same with Elizabeth. I know my time is quickly slipping away with these 2 beautiful kids. 

 You guys, it's the little moments that add up to be what matters. One day at a time. 

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