Friday, November 22, 2013

Thank-FULL heart

Tis the season of the holidays and bustle of "Are you ready  for Christmas? " "Are your kids excited for the holidays?"
  The stores have all the Christmas decor up already.

But in our house, we are focusing on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. I love this holiday because it is probably one of the least recognized ones….most are ready to skip around to Christmas already. I love this holiday because it's all about family- everyone together, without the focus of opening gifts and material things (not that I"m opposed to gifts, mind you, just that I like a holiday where that isn't a focus.) I love Thanksgiving for the food, the fall atmosphere, the football and the parade (watching Macy's parade is probably one of our biggest traditions for the day). But most of all, I love Thanksgiving for the very reason of it's name: being Thankful.

 I see on Facebook and other places where people are writing things once a day for which they are thankful. I wish that we would do that all year, and not just during this one month. I speak to myself here as well. Being thankful creates a FULL heart. I admit I get away from this aspect of life too often.

 In our busy lives, it can become so easy to focus on the bad of the day or the exhaustion of the moment or the irritation of another person interrupting….but what if we chose to look at the good in the day instead? To write down, for even just one week, all the little things which stood out in the day that were fun or happy or moments of recognizing God in all His beauty. I practiced this for a bit this year, but then allowed all the distractions to get in the way. But in looking back on some of the things which I wrote, here were a few. Even just reviewing these caused me to pause and be thank-full.
   -The click clack of my dog's excited feet on the wood floors
     -Braiding elizabeth's hair
        -Storm clouds
    -Cool breeze in the warm summer
        -Kisses from Michael for no reason
  -Warm brownies
 - God's perfect grace
      -My customer's interest in my life and asking about my day in a genuine manner.
 -Fog accents across the crescent moon; almost God's breath across the sky
       -Silly memories that come to mind about mom so often, such as the silly songs we'd sing like John Jacob Jingle Heimer Smith (sp???) and that list of songs continues….
 -Jumping on the trampoline and laughing at ridiculous things in the process

The list goes on. As I recall these things, a smile lights my face and gratitude fills my heart even yet again. I want to be thankful all year, not just in this season. The more thankful we are, the more Full we become. Try it….one thing at a time, one day at a time, it can likely become a new beautiful habit.


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